I'm coming around....

He is doing an amazing job of keeping the team playing hard in the face if adversity. That takes one hell of a leader.
Still not 100% sold on his coaching, however I would be a fool to ignore his progress and recruiting prowess

Attaboy…only time will truly tell if he’s the real deal or not, but I’m hopeful.

It’s time for a few wins, for sure.

My eyes are wide open after showing offensive improvement and the recruiting being on fire. CCM definitely has most of this team buying in and staying focused. A long way to go but we seem to have the wheels capable of getting there over time.

I think todays game will be crutial and a win would be a great start for the rest of the year. Frankly I do not expect a win but a well played game would be very good for all concerned.

Of course, a win would be a definite positive. But this thing is happening whether we win today or not. Some (not saying you, BobgHawg - but some of the fans who have started to come around) will temporarily jump back off the wagon if Ole Miss wins (as I expect them to do), but the train is moving forward either way. They’ll come back on (the bandwagon).

Agree Wiz. You have said all along, and I agreed, that this season is all about improvement and recruiting. We are seeing that.

Tonight, I hope for a good game and an up crowd. I think a win would be great, but it is not critical. Good, solid, hard play is critical. New recruits cannot help tonight, but the train is moving forward. There are and will be bumps on the track, but as long as it is moving forward, I am OK. We hve been been going in reverse for so long, that it just feels so good to move just a little in the right direction.

much more upside potential than the last guy

Just hoping we don’t come out flat & have a game of regression. It does happen to all football teams. But I believe Coach Morris has found a way(s) to keep the fire lit under these players & believing they can win. If a team gives 100% effort even with mistakes and lose to a better team, its all you can ask for. But a win even by a miracle or a mistake from the opponent will induce confidence 10 fold.

The Ole Piss game didnt change anything in my mind. He is a good leader and recruiter. Still not sure about game day coaching, but I dont have enough insight to credibly critique him.

It will be a long season, but we win 2 more.

Don’t see how we win two more even with the injured guys coming back. The best we can do is beat Tulsa.

I’m with you, Gentry. The recruiting is excellent, as good as we have had, maybe ever. The team is playing hard the past 3-4 weeks. I have not been impressed with game coaching, but there may be a lot of things going on we don’t have a clue about in that regard, so I will just bide my time on that. Losing the lead at Colorado State and Ole Miss was extremely disappointing, but bad teams find a way to lose. We need to be, and that includes me, patient at least through next year and see how this thing goes.

Agreed. I am definitely guilty of being overly optimistic this year, but I can see us having a very good to exceptional offense next year. Outscoring people can get us back to the 6-7 win level. Defense is going to take more time.

Best POST Ive seen in a while

Anyone that has to really lead young men in adversity understands Coach Morris is doing a bang up job

I agree totally with the OP

I have come around.

moving the right direction and losing feels better than just losing

we are going to be a force one day with this HC

I like the attitude of CCM and obviously recruiting is great, but I still am not convinced of his in-game coaching. I’m not opposed to it, but haven’t been impressed by it, though the body of work is not large enough to make a clear decision on his in-game coaching. I hope CCM becomes the best coach in Arkansas history, but obviously, the jury is still deliberating.

Good post, I didn’t support or oppose the CCM hire and at this point I could not name one available coach that I think could do more than what CCM has done. We can see things we wished he had done differently in all the games played and so does he, but you don’t get to play that game again and the next team up brings it’s on challenges. I’m with you and many others that are taking the wait and see approach on how well he can do in the Sec,if you can win in the Sec you can win at any conference I believe. Recruiting always has the last word as that’s always the FIRST step in turning things around, he’s taken the first step in what we’re seeing so far. WPS