I'm beginning to wonder if...

Have you ever been in a situation where you knew that you
needed to do one thing for sure, but figured while I’m at it
why not go for broke and try two things at once. You really
feel there is no chance that both will succeed and you will only
get what you originally wanted done, but you will have tried
and sometimes just trying sends the message you wanted in
the first place. Then much to your surprise, they both happen.
Now your stuck sitting there will little to no plan because in the
back of your mind there was no way it was going to work out
that way. Now you have to scramble to figure out where to go
from here because this is not how you planned or really wanted
things to go.

I’m beginning to wonder if this is how the BOT and the GOBN
are beginning to feel. I’m sure they wanted Bret gone, and now
I’m wondering if they really expected to be successful in the coup
attempt on Jeff. SURPRISE! SURPRISE! SURPRISE! They were
successful, so now where do they go? Really starting to look like the
kid that just wanted to just burn up a little brush in his pasture but
has burnt the whole field instead.

Will be interesting to see how this drama will drag through the mud
and linger on for the U of A. Sad days are ahead I’m afraid.