I'm beginning to hate Google

They, of course constantly hit my phone up with notices about articles they know I’d be interested in, mostly Razorback sports or White Sox content. So I got this latest hit, with a picture of Muss, so, naturally I clicked on it.

Here it is and you’ll see why I’m PO’ed at Google. The only thing I saw on my phone was his pic.

You got some weird settings. Google doesn’t control my phone. I do.

I think that article confirmed what I already knew – AZ ain’t hiring Muss. They can’t afford him.

Exactly, I requested notifications about certain subjects, ie: Razorback events and individuals, other articles about pro sports teams or individuals, etc that I follow. It’s my choice to click on them or not. But clearly, Google does not peruse the articles, just the headlines ie: Eric Musselman. This particular one, I didn’t want. Although, if AZ had actually hired him, I guess I would have wanted to be notified.

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