I'm back

I guess my card expired. I’ve had some trouble getting back in. I lost the # to call. OR couldn’t find the number on here.

Anyway, I Found it. Then great when I called & help to get back in with the HI group!!

WPS!! Ready for FB!

So how many days do we have to go??

Welcome back. Just in time for fall camp.

Ahem, Mike. Always check the F.A.Q. thread for phone numbers and email. (I wonder how many times that I have typed that over the years? :smiley: )

Good to read you’re on the board

Well for me several! :slight_smile:

Sorry. But FAX, BYU, OXY or whatever really doesn’t point you in the proper direction. IMO.

As stated Marty, I’m back. Probably had to do it last year just for me…

Aw now. The F.A.Q. thread is at the top of every forum on this message board. Its title is Brief Razorback F.A.Q.s. If you can’t get logged in, just go to the Hawg Lounge and click on that topic. You can find lots of answers.

Good to see you here Mike.