I'm at the game and have a question... help!!

On defense, why do we always switch up top, leaving a big on a guard and a guard on a big… it gives the advantage to the offense all over the floor.

Kingsley had plenty of time to get back to his man. Did you notice Dustin Thomas give the ball up at the top of the key for an easy basket. We need to get on a run

I’ve seen at least 7 times where we had a guard stuck on their big(s) 3 ft from the basket.

And yes, that wasn’t pretty from Thomas.

People have complained about the switching ad nauseum. I don’t really have a problem with the switching, but I don’t understand why when they get a chance they don’t switch back. There were several times tonight when the ball was on the other side of the court the guard and big could’ve called out and switched back but didn’t. Overall thought they played about 15 min of really good basketball. Unfortunately, instead of listening to the talking heads describe what a great run we were on, I had to listen to shaq for half an hour. The whole time he talked, all I could think of was Oliver Miller abusing him in Barnhill in the loudest sporting event I’ve ever been to.

Definitely good defensive adjustments in the 2nd half… although, we still seem to reach an awful lot. I’ll say this though, Kingsley can block some shots.

If Hannahs, Barford, and Macon could all three get hot at the same time, we could upset someone in the SEC tourney… big big if though.

I was watching at a sports bar, with the volume turned down, so didn’t hear what Shaq had to say. I was wondering if they naively asked Shaq what his best memories of playing Arkansas was . . . ha, ha, ha! That would have been priceless.

Also, we made our run during the time he was visiting with the TV guys. When video showed him leaving the broadcast area, I was sad to see him go! Shaq blabbing was good mojo for the Hogs!

I noticed Moses switched several times during the Vandy game when it didn’t “seem” necessary, because he was not trying to get through a tight screen/pick. I nearly lost my mine yelling don’t switch get back get back! IDK it just drives me crazy.

As for Shaq he is always entertaining but not in the middle of the Hogs game. I was surprised that more was not said about his games played against the Razorbacks back in the '90 being that they were playing the Razorbacks.