I'm almost

Over it. Couple more weeks and I’ll be fine with the whole …we must eat crumbs off LSU’s table IF they happen to drop any on the floor. I’m getting better with it. Trying to like it even. Kinda like KY in basketball, every team in football. Embrace the agony! Bring on the regionals! I can take anything!

I feel the same way. My wife quit taking to me last night

I understand the feeling. If it’d been anybody but the corndogs…

Still, I have to remember how we run-ruled UF in the SECT last year. That win meant almost nothing to us a week later. Their loss to us meant absolutely nothing to them a month later. Let’s keep our eye on the prize. Every game from this point forward matters a lot. We need to win 3 in a row next weekend at Baum—and absolutely must win the first two we play. Then we need to win the next two at Baum. After that, well, it will have been a successful season, but one that might still end up really specal. Things have to go right. We need some luck, but we have the ability to win it all. Yesterday’s loss doesn’t change that one iota.

Spot on. Kyle Peterson knows baseball. His words yesterday before the rain delay when Isiah Campbell was mowing down the LSU hitters: “If Isiah Campbell can pitch like this, that is when you really have to start to look at Arkansas as a team, not just to get to Omaha, but a team that has a real shot at winning it all.”

And he is right. Blaine Knight and Kacey Murphy are good enough to go toe to toe with anybody. They’ve proved it all season long. That third starter is what has been inconsistent. But Campbell has the “stuff” to also be elite. He was making it look easy yesterday, primarily before the rain delay. It was on cruise control. LSU had one hit. He was throwing 3 different pitches that were all filthy and commanding them. LSU looked silly trying to hit off him. After the delay, his pitch count gets up, he makes one mistake pitch, and LSU hits the 2 run HR.

Big picture: Campbell has really good lately. He just has given up one big inning to opponents. I wouldn’t classify yesterday as a big inning. DVH got him out of the game at the right time and our bullpen shut down LSU the rest of the game. My point: if he can be “elite” for around 5 innings as a third starter, our bullpen is strong enough to bring it home for us.

We didn’t hit the ball well yesterday. Hess (spit: can’t stand the kid) pitched the game of his life. But we also hit about 4-5 balls that were a few feet away from being homeruns. Eric Cole’s bomb in the 8th is a HR even in the big parks like the Hoover Met and TD Ameritrade in normal conditions. The air got heavy after the rain and the ball was not traveling well at all. But look at what we did the rest of the SEC tourney from an offensive standpoint. Casey Martin was out of his mind. Cowboy
hits a grand slam. Gates showed the pop from last season. It was just an off day yesterday against some good pitching and bad conditions. My point: our lineup 1-9 has the ability to blow up almost any day, no matter the pitching.

We have a GREAT team. Let’s enjoy them and appreciate them because we have some true talent on this team. Not saying we will win it all. Not even saying we are a lock for Omaha. The thing about baseball is that the most talented team doesn’t always win, just like any every sport. We will need the ball to bounce our way several times along the way. But hey, it could happen. I’m ready for the regionals. I’m enjoying the hell out of this team. Woo Pig. #OmaHogs.