I'm afraid is not going to be easy

Sampson stays put with a big raise.

Buzz to A&M.

Beard either gets Texas or stays put.

Then what? Aargh. I don’t doubt there was a plan in place that seemed as sure as possible. But it just never seems to work out like that for us.

Maybe Motta, Musselman, or the dude from Wofford.

Sampson is 63 and is not the type to play these games for a raise…besides Nolan Richardson was a lil too giddy when referencing him during a interview and THEY KNOW EACH OTHER OUTSIDE OF BASKETBALL very well.

Hope so. Don’t want to get Gillespied.

I feel like that scenario is going to be the case as well… The more I think of it though… our only hope for Sampson is that he feels he’s reached his Peak at Houston and wants to take on another challenge before he calls it quits. I just think the city of Houston, the recruiting base he has there and the money man that he has in the palm of his hand at Houston, is just too much to overcome.

Arkansas is a basketball job that you go to for basketball reasons and money, But … All the Big named candidates either are already making big money or they’re about to; there’s no longer Nostalgia associated with the program; not associated with a City that people are looking to flock to; not surrounded by an outstanding recruiting base etc. It’s a tougher sell now as opposed to 17 years ago… b/c you were a lot closer to the time when Arkansas was Nationally Significant.

I found an update on Thad Matta’s health issues. He had problems with a back surgery more than 10 years ago which left him with a drop foot; he can’t pull the foot or the toes on one side up toward his head due to nerve damage, and had to wear a brace on that foot to stand or walk. That’s why he left tOSU in 2017, because the pain got to the point that he couldn’t do the job. But I understand he’s doing much better now. He turned down Georgia last year because his health wasn’t up to it, but maybe now he’s ready to come back. Two Final Fours, four Elite Eights, six Sweet 16s. He’s won 74% of his games, and he’s the all-time winningest coach in tOSU history. His best teams were strong both offensively and defensively, and played at a better tempo than a lot of Big Ten schools.

Folks, we could do a LOT worse.

By the way, he was making about $3 million at Ohio State, and Georgia offered him more than that last year. And he’s only 51, so if the foot behaves he could stay here for 10 years or more.

That’s some serious information. Thanks for that.

I think Matta is going to UCLA