I'm 48 yeara old....

And I am convinced ed ill never see anothe national championship in any of the big 3 again.

If this team can’t win a national championship, I don’t know what we can do.

I am so dejected. Broken. Hopeless.


I am 63 the older I get losing big games is harder for me to take

I will bet you we will play for CWS championships (plural) in both your lifetimes

I’m 66. This one is hard to swallow.

I feel the same.

This one hurt.

I question if we see another within 20 years.

I agree. Our program is good. We’ve been there, what, 6 times in the past 14 years? I think we’ll be there again soon & with teams that are as good or better than this one. And this is one good team. I’m as dejected as anyone, but the thing about baseball is that a bad game at a bad time can kill you. One dropped popup can kill you. It sucks, but now that it’s over, we need to celebrate this team.

1986 Red Sox vs. Mets, game 6 of World Series. After the Buckner boot you knew they couldn’t win game 7. Same scenario, same outcome. I saw the players tweets today and it was almost as if they were trying to convince themselves they had a chance. I hate it for those kids and the fans. I had a post disappear a few weeks back when I criticized DVH for not sacrificing runners into scoring position and you see what OSU did to us in that regard. We got out coached again.

Casey definitely took DVH to school tonight.

I hope we learn from it.

I have no doubt Arkansas will have great teams playing in the NCAA Tournament and even the CWS in the coming years. But it takes more than great teams. Ask Florida. Ask Texas Tech. Ask any of the other six teams that were sitting at home tonight. We’ve had great teams before that did not make the CWS Series. It takes some luck , such as lack of injuries, etc. I don’t expect to be one out from a championship again any time soon.

Come on guys this has nothing to do with coaching. That was 100% the dropped ball. That series was over when that happened. Easy to see that.

Exactly. Everyone knows how good OSU is. When we missed that ball last night, tonight was inevitable. DVH didn’t get “schooled.” His team lost. Just like almost every other team that faced OSU did this year. They had great pitching. Ours was only so so. Not terrible, but not good enough to keep them from getting an early lead & holding it. We knew our BP was thin. OSU never had to go to its. That’s not getting out-coached. Anyone who thinks it is simply wants to blame someone, not assess the situation fairly.

Everyone has an opinion.

But the facts point to, Ostate was better prepared, executed far better, and made the exact calls and changes when needed. Their scouting report on us looked to be perfect, they were always set up in the right spot. That’s coaching, Pat Casey was the superior coach, and is the superior coach. DVH is probably top ten in the country as far as coaching goes, but I stand by he got schooled by a guy who is perhaps top 3 or 4 right now.

I’m curious in what way? Oregon State’s pitching was better. It’s hitting was better. And obviously it’s defense.

Just my opinion.

I watched Casey get backed into a corner and start clawing yesterday, trying to make adjustments.

Saw some pinch hitters, some bunt calls, and some adjustments in the lineup. Yes I know it was due to injury, but it had a good outcome.

There was a sense of he knew he had to do some thing and was making the attempts.

After game one when our first four went something like 1-20 I thought to myself, we better not let that happen again today. Then in game two the product wasn’t much better. I thought for sure we’d we some type of adjustment at some point from van horn. But we never did. I’m the stretch of 20 straight sit downs, I was asking myself what are we doing, it’s clearly not working why don’t we try something.
Martin for a bunt, a pinch hit for a severely struggling lineup, idk anything. But we didn’t.

It looked like Casey knew what it took, because he had been there, that you have to do some things that may in the moment make you uncomfortable.

And DVH just stayed complacent.

Not to mention, they clearly did their homework on us. They knew exactly what our guys were going to do it seemed like. Good scouting report.

Just my opinion on what I saw.

Take away one play and Casey would have lost the national title in two games.

It would not have made him a worse coach or DVH a better one.

It would have just made him the losing coach.

It was clear to me - as my wife and sit six rows behind home plate tonight - that the misplay last night took their heart out.

The Razorbacks had to have some early success to overcome that and instead gave up two runs.

Then when they got the bases loaded, had the starter in his first trouble and got nothing from it, that was it.

Ding Ding Ding This

While you’re definitely right.

I’m not a fan of the scenarios that were an almost was this or that.

I think Dave’s a really good coach, I just think this series he went up against a better one, with a better team. It happens.

I’m proud of the the season just disappointed in how we finished.

It’s one of those things I don’t feel like we can say we tried everything we could to win the game.

When O state did try some things.

Ultimately, we got some good national exposure, and are runner ups with some good young players.
The drop ball deflated us, but at the end of the day you’ve got to find a way in game 3, have to. We didn’t. I hope that our coaches and players build off of it, and get us back, I really want to see us win one in my life.

Hey Cronin makes a great pitch and we win the championship or we get a big hit with the bases loaded and we’re ahead by more than one run… We had a great season and will again soon.

Losing sucks. Fifty years from now it will still suck.

We will be back. This team gave us a great year and many, many
awesome plays that we and they will carry with them.

Thanks to all of you for your blood, sweat, and tears.
You were a joy to watch.