I'm 42 and will never see an SEC title

Assume I am blessed by God and live to 90. Look at the SEC history and I will likely never see a title. I’ve told my wife if we make Atlanta we will go every time. Obviously there is some humor and sarcastic drama in this post. Truth be told though I don’t even consider a national championship an option ever.

Until we adress the big elephant in the room, I fear yiu are right

Middle of the pack sec team. As long as saban is at Bama we aren’t wining squat. And once LSU gets a really good coach we wii be lucky to beat them. Unless probation hits a number of teams, 7 and 5 or 8 and 4 will be our good years.

I don’t think we will win a SECC. We’ve been here about 26 years and haven’t won one. The talent level between us and the upper tier of the conference is to wide. With good coaching and development, we will beat more talented teams occasionally. As long as we have a good coach (like Bielema) we should win a average of 7-9 games a year. Even if a team has superior talent to most of the teams they play during the course of a season, they can’t get up emotionally for every game. We have and will continue to occasionally beat more overall talented teams. We just don’t have the kind of talent needed to get through this conference schedule and win enough games to win a championship. I don’t see that changing anytime soon. It would take an elite coach to change that. A coach with a scheme that levels the playing field by offsetting the overall superior talent with a great scheme that he has recruited to. It’s kinda a catch 22. You have to win big over a length of time to attract the top talent. You need top talent to win big over a sustained period of time. That’s why you need that special coach (and there isn’t a lot of them) that will recruit and develop to their scheme.

Hey, I was a Cubs fan and it happened. Hang in there. :smiley:

Bama has cheated since the 40’s to win and developed an image of winning. Now with Saban they don’t even have to cheat. A&M, LSU, OM, and AU have built in advantages of demographics and population. Everyone is running the spread and HUNH so it isn’t the benefit it was 5 years ago, but it still causes all defenses headaches. We are running an offense that the NFL loves on draft day and is different than 80% of conference. It is ironic that the alternative offense (spread & HUHN) that leveled the playing field has now shifted to the conventional; yet the OLD conventional offense (Pro style) has become the alternative.

Championships are won with D

We are no where close to elite and no spinning it

A consistent defense that shows up and performs week in week out

Hasn’t happened on the hill since we joined the SEC but “next year” is always promising

BB needs a real hire on that side of the ball who can recruit some studs or we stay stuck in the middle

This a hundred times over, this.

And O line

so you would have 48 years left on this statement.

Arkansas has had three shots to win it (1995, 2002, 2006) and lost each time in the SEC championship game each time.

Seeing as how the Cubs have won their first in 108 years, a reality show host in now the President-Elect and the Cowboys have the best record in the NFC and tied for the best record in the NFL, it seems to me like anything could happen.

There are cycles to everything. I have not seen the SEC West stay consistent in my 25 years in the SEC. In fact, there was a time not too long ago that it was the SEC East that was clearly the dominant side. It flips as coaches change. There are cycles of strength within the conference. Clearly, during the time the SEC East was the strong side, Arkansas took advantage of weakness in the West to go to the title game three times.

It happens in every league. I can recall the Hatfield era and there was strength in the SWC when he arrived, but all of the probation ended that and then the Hogs took advantage of issues throughout the league and dominated to the tune of back-to-back trips to the Cotton Bowl.

I don’t have those woe-is-me thoughts about the SEC. In fact, I look at it as something that makes you stronger.

Clay, I am with you, while it often looks daunting, I believe it possible and even expect to see it in my lifetime. And Clay as you might remember, I am. older than you. In the early 70’s sitting in the student section at Barnhill, which the older heads might remember as somewhat temporary bleachers over the football team’s version of an indoor practice facility, who would have been optimistic about winning basketball championships? Yes, I know it is likely harder in football.