Illlegal uniform penalties......

When FAM came out of the tunnel last night I told my wife that they did not have numbers on their jersey’s. Finally I could see they were there but you could not tell the numbers from where I sat. Then each quarter they were pentalized for illegal jersey’s. I’ve been around a while and have never seen that happen.

Really weird…and the refs never explained why the jersey’s were illegal. I suppose it was obvious.

I didn’t realize that had happened. Don’t remember the network crew mentioning it. It was very difficult to see the numbers, since they were white on a white jersey outlined in orange and green. A bad look to begin with. Glad to know that’s again a law.

It’s always been in the rulebook but rarely enforced. It gets even worse on the high school level. Two color numbers are illegal in high school, or were for a long time, and they never call it. I see now they’ve changed the high school rules to allow a 1/4 inch border on the numbers, which makes sense because it was being ignored anyway

You must have been out of the room at the times they ran it. I saw the graphics of the rule at least twice in the first half, and the referee turned on his mic and explained at the start of the game and the beginning of the second half.

Bordering is fine as long as there is a number there to border.

The NCAA started to crack down on the jerseys a few years ago. In 2012, Arkansas had some that you could barely see the numbers.