Illinois vs. Cincy

Illinois jumped out to a 23-8 lead. That didn’t last long. Cincy now leads late in the first half.

Both teams have gotten T’d up for woofing at the other bench, by the way.

Cincy looks fairly decent. Might end up beating Illinois tonite.

It appears UC put Cockburn in jail and dared the other four to hit shots. Which they aren’t.

Neither of these teams are world beaters by any means. Arkansas has a decent shot at going 2-0 in this tournament.

I just looked up the live box score, with Cincy up by 11. Cockburn is 6 for 10 from the floor; the rest of the team is shooting under 25%.

But I’m not hugely impressed with either one, you’re right.

Not really impressed with either team to be honest… Cockburn is unstoppable if you try to play man to man… I don’t see either team being great three-point shooters but they’re in a strange gym we may look the same way.let’s just win our game and see who we play. If we play our best I think we can beat both of them

It’s now a 41-12 run for Cincy since the Illini had that 23-8 lead.

Where are you watching it?


Lots of Illini fans here. They appear to have more fans here than anyone, but I’m sure a lot of K State and Arkansas fans haven’t got in their seats yet

Yep, just leave it there after this game to watch the Hogs. Amazingly it’s even on the TV menu at my hotel so I can stream the women’s game, which I am doing, and watch the men on the TV.

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Cincy by 20 56-36 about 10 min left,Cincy plays tough D with several big guys but not a great 3 pt shooting team so far. but much better than Illinois who has shot ball horribly

The Illini look really bad. Wasn’t expecting this.

I think Cincy has given everyone a blueprint. Put Cockburn in jail.

Cincy D will the best we’ve seen,good quick G and have Miss St Transfer Ado in the middle(and 2-3 other big guys) and he is a shot blocking machine.We need to get it to a transition game bc 1/2 court will tough to score on.

71- 51 Cincy final… Illinois looked awful!! really surprised by that.

Arkansas v. Cincy would be fun. Gotta get by KSU first.

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yeah you never know how we will shoot in a strange Gym,hopefully we will be on and get off to a good start.

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