Illinois State beating Colorado State

Reggae, dirty laundry on the floor, feet propped up on desks, Vegas trips, Grey Goose.

Gonna by a long hangover. It all starts with changing the culture.

Actually Tito’s… and don’t forget becoming a Justin Moore groupie. And if course the donut boxes! :smiley:

Illinois State is a talent laden juggernaut!

Illinois State also beat Eastern Illinois quite soundly. Ran the ball at will as compared to our 80 yard effort.

We just aren’t any good period. Apparently our talent is near an all time low. Watching football today we might win one more game. Might.

Where does this come from?

Not suprising…Illinois State’s campus is at 10,000 ft.


Well Sam Pittman told at lest one former CFB coach in Arkansas about it when asked why he left. Said Big Bert was a drunk and more worried about his VERY active social calendar than coaching. Said it was a house of cards and Big Bert would be gone within 2 years.

I know he told this former coach that…I heard him say it - was in the room - and told one of our insiders about it at the time via PM. Why do you think he was only able to hire NFL coffee boys at the end? Coaches talk to each other a lot!

And some of y’all thought I disliked the guy just for the Hell of it.

I’m not disputing it - just curious. The beginning of the end was Chaney and Pittman leaving.