Illinois State at Arkansas

Hopefully Morris is on his game because everybody in their lineup is over 300 except for 2

I like the lineup that we’ve got out there and the batting order, hopefully it will get us off to a good start and lead us to victory

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Already behind… you can’t leave the ball out over the plate and not get hurt

Only gave up 1 but another one of our starters with 20+pitches to get out of the first

Boom! You don’t leave the ball over the plate against Wegner and get it back!

The homer was nice but the hit by Stovall is great to see.

Yeah that’s one of his better swings of the season very much on balance right back up the middle

You know that thumb is bothering him.
With bases loaded it would be nice to see Cali turn on one.

Cali is due!! He’s a very good hitter he just needs a little confidence

Just one good AB all it takes to get it going.
He missed the perfect one to hit.
Well the walk was nice but he did take a couple of good swings.

Very nice AB just missed hitting that ball about 450 ft then fought off a couple others, you can tell he’s got a very good swing though

Horrible AB by Rowland that was not a strike and we get absolutely nothing out of bases loaded one out as Bolton grounds out weekly

After 1

Leaving the bases loaded is something we do well….

Morris grooves a pitch on 0-2

And then more of the same

Another stinking O2 pitch left out right over the plate where they could crush it!!! Get the ball in on the hands are off the stinking plate…

Just ridiculous how pathetic he is right now

You warned him about grooving one with 2 strikes…

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3 hits in a row just unbelievable. He better get his crap together or we’re going to be in big trouble because we have no LH in the bullpen to be honest right now

Realistically we are probably now down two pitchers we would have considered first liners

Wiggins of course out for season
And Morris totally unreliable

Could change for him, but don’t know how many chances you can keep taking with him

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Tavian Josenberger