Illinois State at Arkansas

Way to go Casey!! 3-3

Tamez has a long way to go defensively just cost us that run.

That was happening a lot with Tamez in the preseason - lots of passed balls.

Yeah he’s hurt us with those today.

Bullpen isn’t helping us either.

Well, that’s probably that

Cole Austin is pretty horrible

Well, don’t know what to say. I guess we maybe way overrated. Could be a really long year.

Kopps has pitched horribly. Surely we have someone not scared to swing the bat instead of Austin. He’s done nothing at the plate. He’s been pathetic. Opitz and Webb not swinging and caught looking on strike 3. Has Webb hit a cut off man this year? DVH has some work to do with this bunch. Good to see Martin break out. Geez. Very disappointed. Shouldn’t be ranked. 4 losses in a row. .

Goodheart is not swinging the bat either. Back to the eye dr maybe

Youdaman today the hogs beat themselves again. The unearned runs again! There was a lot of good and they did play better but played give away!

well I left to go work out with the score 6 to 5 so I didn’t see the eighth and ninth innings but you get 15 hits and 7 runs you should win…Illinois st is not a bad team played OKL to 3 VERY close games and won the last one but they came in hitting .214 and they get 11 hits and most right when they needed them which everyone is doing against us right now.
Yeah pretty sad how we can’t even catch a ball behind the plate for a D1 baseballl player playing for a program like ours…I was a catcher and couldn’t believe what I was watching!
We have to get more out of Webb and Austin they have to hit with power and drive in runs and aren’t getting it done.
The thing we have to keep in mind is nobody outside of Bama and OM is playing well right now,Bama is undefeated and spanked S Alabama 12-2 tonight… We need to get back on track this weekend(it will just take 1 win!!) and play well when we open up against Miss st in SEC play

Well at least we have moved onto others to gripe about and not Casey.

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