Illinois St at Arkansas game 2

I don’t think his arm is 100% yet so I don’t know if his throws will be as good as they should…

There we go

That a boy Wallace

Would have been nicer to get a couple more runs but will take two and hopefully get some later

What a play by Wallace

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He’s got a cannon going on if he picks it up you’re going to be out LOL

WEll crap… Alabama shooting has cooled off from outside and Kentucky with a bit of home cookin help has come back and have a 1 point lead 46-47 at the half. Of course I’d expect that in Rupp Arena. As it stands they are calling a foul on Bama if their guys just fart, but letting kentucky climb on Bamas backs like step ladders for rebounding.

Still the whole flow of the game changed when the officials took next to forever reviewing a possible technical. They took forever and it killed Alabamas momentum and helped Kentucky tremendously. It was like they flipped a switch.

Great double play

Really like this Smith kid.


He pitches well beyond his years just like Dave said he did

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That’s a home run without the wind blowing in

OMG that’s three balls we’ve hit caught on the warning track!!

Offense is at a D+ so far today, up from yesterdays D-…enough swinging for the fences. Hit some line drives!

Smith is going to have to start mixing this pitches up they’re looking for that first pitch fastball

Okay new meat…let’s eat!!!

Yet another ball off the top of the yellow line. Come on ball get out of here

Jace B. in the 3-hole is also a “no” for me…

Glad to get this 4-0 lead. Much better game today.

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Hagen Smith for SEC Co-Freshman of the week!

We hit the ball better than yesterday but still not as good as we’re going to have to… very impressed with Smith think he’s going to be a great one… come on bullpen let’s not have any drama