Illinois St at Arkansas game 2

Brr :cold_face: it’s cold out here on the 250’ buffet line (although the middle section is empty.)

It’s 41 baseball degrees at the BaumBQ Squad tailgate just outside beautiful Baum-Walker Stadium. :baseball: :boar: #WPS #ThisIsBaseball

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Per tweet Moses Moody is throwing out the first pitch.


Illinois State starting a dreaded LH had a 4+ ERA last year 71 IP 79 hits 52 K 21 BB teams hit .281. so he’s definitely not going to try to overpower you. Just a matter of knowing what you’re getting and going up there with the right mindset. We were 13th in the SEC last year with a .203 team batting average against LH. Hopefully that will change this year starting today… hopefully Smith can have a very clean first inning that will help a lot

Wow! Smith very impressive, great velo working both sides of the plate


I haven’t followed off-season closely, not familiar with him, but he did look good. Now if he can maintain that level a few innings and we start to swing the bat…

Impressive freshman pitcher. Seems to have good command and location. I wish the radar was working so I could see his velo.

Smith looks really good early. Now we need to get our offense to look as good.

Incredible freshman who threw seven no-hitters last year in Texas probably would have been drafted in the first round if he hadn’t said a high number.
Very very advanced for his age

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There you go bob ball player got us on the board


Definite check swing by Slavens

Slavens got screwed on that call

Lanzilli came close, but nice to see the 2 out double. A hit to score would be nice

That’s just our luck. Ball would have been gone without the wind blowing in… I was texting a friend and I said that will probably cost us a run though because I left hand is up next and it did

For those keeping track of things good for the Hogs today, here is an update on the Alabama Kentucky basketball game. I got it on in another screen. Alabama up 41-31 with 5 min left in the 1st.


Slavens scares me to death out there in the outfield already

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Great job of working out of trouble there by Smith

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Glad to get out of that bases loaded inning.

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Don’t know where Slavens was throwing that ball after almost mis playing that fly ball.

Slavens in RF is a “no” for me…