Illinois St at Arkansas game 1

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Wow you there early Marty!!

I can’t be there today, but I’m coming up Sunday. See you then.

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Illinois State starting a RH 4.36 ERA 74 innings pitched. 71 hits. Gave up 10 home runs so hopefully he’ll give up about three or four more today LOL

Gonna be a chilly day. I don’t see how those kids can play in 40-50 degree weather. Of course, I’m not 20 years old, either.

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If I remember I think it was a chilly day in one of those scrimmages where they hit all the home runs but I agree it is tough to play in cold weather

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My game disappeared from SEC+ and I cant watch it :frowning:

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That’s why you don’t hit batters Connor!!

Someone has the jitters

Not a good start for Noland. Hopefully he’ll settle down.

Bases loaded one out, I hit away from this being a nightmae inning

OMG are you freaking kidding me!! A stinking balk. Not a good start he did not fool a soul

Connor looking like a shaky freshman. Not what I was expecting at all.

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Not a good start for Conner & not a good start for our offense. But it’s early.

And of course we go three up in three down without getting a ball out of the infield. Wallace going to see a steady diet of those breaking balls… just a horrible way to start the season…

Unimpressive first inning. That’s done. Now let’s show some improvement in the 2nd.

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Going much better for Noland in the 2nd inning so far.
Then he gives up a 2 out single.
Come on Noland let’s get this third out!

Yes much better inning there. We need to come out swinging against this guy he’s throwing strikes