Illinois beats Penn State in 9 OT

20-18. New OT rules are go for 2 only from third OT on. It took to the ninth OT to settle it. Our record for 7 OTs is gone. And Bielema gets a road upset after throwing his OL under the bus.


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So nobody could kick a FG in 3,4 5, 6/ 7, OT’s?

I challenge longest game in history (announcers said it). Surely any of our 7OT games will surpass this one in time.

Illinois ran for well over 300 and limited PSU a lot, but neither team could make the decisive play until OT 9. Nobody even converted a 2 point play until OT 8.
Time isn’t the question, LogJam. Number of OTs is, and they had nine. And this one was still well over four hours.

i don’t think its an apples to apples comparison. our 7 OT games started at the 25 every time. One play OT’s arent the same


Regardless it still the first game to go 9 OT, old rules or new.

I looked up the 7OT game with the Flopnecks. It took 4:14. This was right around that same time.

The Kentucky game took 4:56.

That was an amazing game!!

After 2 OTs, the only play allowed is a two point try.

Proving none of us really knows what motivates young men to play for a coach. All of us smart folks thought Bert had shot his mouth off again. Well, look what happened. Good for Bert I suppose.

They just show the highlights Penn State could have won in the first overtime but the DB dropped an absolute gift interception… but that’s why they play DB because they drop balls lol Warren Thompson today look like he was playing DB

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Apparently the reports took what BB said out of context (naw, really?). He talked to his team about it and they bought in. And his OL blocked their butts off today. Good thing because they cannot throw the ball worth a darn. They got their QB hurt in OT and a backup threw the pass that actually won it.

That was about as ugly of offensive football I’ve seen. Both teams were awful.


Good win for Bielema. Thus will get his program going and send Franklin to SEC and LSU…

I think if Franklin goes anywhere it’s SoCal.

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Several times. Lack of focus or did it just not matter.

Reinforced my point. New rules vs old rules apples and oranges. I don’t really care but tonight’s game wasn’t the longest ever.

I really don’t know about Thompson the pass in the end zone would have been a good catch but he got both hands on it and should have caught it the other two were very easy catches he just flat drop them

Agree. It was the most OT’s, but not the longest. Different rules this year.

So did the new rule serve its purpose? Far fewer plays than a long overtime game in the past. But is that the kind of game rules makers envisioned?