I'll will

start vacation Monday and will be back the 19th.

There will be some visitors this week as noted here viewtopic.php?f=5&t=16027

There could be an unexpected visitor, but I think the three will likely be it. Arkansas’ spring break is next week.

Spring break is March 19-23, I think you meant the next week.

That’s what I said.

try to avoid DD for the whole spring break, that should be good for your health, lol

He’s a bad influence!

Shaking head, frowning emoji


Done. More water along with the other juices too.

No problem, I guess my next week was confused with my current week, lol. Have good vacation.

And then I will follow him up with a week of my own in Jupiter, Florida for spring training

Hey, it was just that once and it turned out to be a positive in the end.

Dudley enjoy your vacation!