I'll tell you how to stop all that fake injury crap

You make them sit out the entire rest of that series!! That will stop all that crap

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Make them seat 15 minutes game time if you want it stopped.

Definitely set them for at least the rest of that series… he was just fine the next time they had the ball lol

Or amputate whatever is injured.


LOL for sure!

made me chuckle out loud, RD!


I agree. An easy fix is to make any injured player sit for some amount of game time.

I really have no problem with it. Not sure I know when they are hurt or not. And I do know that sometimes they are hurt. And sometimes I need to get a glass of water (or search for some fly tying material).

Got to be careful with this one, because you never want to rush a guy that really is hurt. Perhaps sitting out a set number of plays or series is a good idea if they are hurt.

Remember the dback from Auburn who the coaches motioned to a few years back and he layed down. He was not even involved in the last play. That was as bad as I have ever seen, but then consider the team. Gus was having a fit. We scored anyhow and won the game in OT.

Well if he really is hurt he probably needs to sit out the rest of the series, but if he’s not, sitting out the rest of the series might actually hurt the team and cause them to think twice about it… I just see way too many times it looks like they are doing it because they’re tired. That guy last night was back on the field the next series and doing fine… they know it’s a very gray area between being hurt and faking ,that’s probably why they will never do anything done about it.

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