I'll take a #9 seed in Tulsa

We were there last week and again this week. Last week was against Clemson, then playing #1 Kansas. This week against Dayton, then playing #1 Baylor.

I’ll take either of those match ups. I’d rather play a #1 as early as possible, especially if in Tulsa.

If Arkansas is a #9 seed, it is highly unlikely that they would be sent to a site so close to home. It just doesn’t work like that.

I wonder why Lunardi has put us in tulsa two weeks in a row?

It didn’t use to be that way, but the committee has lately tried to help all teams in terms of location.

It’s why the regional names don’t mean much anymore

Maybe… depending on the 1 seed. Do you think if Kansas wins the big 12 and gets 1 seed they get sent to Tulsa in a bracket with 8 or 9 seed hogs?

Doubt it. Now maybe if Baylor squeaks in as worst one seed… I could see the NCAA sending Baylor to face a little potential neutral court adversity in round two.

He didn’t. Last week we were the #9 seed in the Midwest. They play in Tulsa. The #9 seed in the West played in Sacramento. This week he has us as the #9 seed in the West, but it says Tulsa which isn’t correct. He also flipped the West and South brackets from last week, so I think we are actually the #9 seed in the South. He needs an editor.

Nope. You’re working off the old tourney setup, where everything was pre-labeled. We won’t know which first-round sites are assigned to which regional until selection Sunday. For example, Wisconsin was assigned to the East regional last year but their first weekend games were in St. Louis, which is not exactly Eastern. Villanova started its run to the NC in Brooklyn – but they were in the South regional.

To make things more confusing, there may be (usually are) games from two different regionals in each first round site. As noted, Wisconsin was in St. Louis but the East last year. Michigan State was also in St. Louis for the first round – but Sparty was assigned to the Midwest region.

So Tulsa could be a West site. And a Midwest site. Or a South and East site. Or any combination.

If we are an 8-9, and either KU or Baylor is a 1, I could definitely see us getting sent to Tulsa. Which is exactly what Lunardi is predicting. Same would also apply for us as a 7 or 10 and KU or Baylor as a 2. There are only two first round sites in the Central time zone – Milwaukee and Tulsa. You can figure on a Big 12 team in Tulsa and probably a Big Ten team or two in Milwaukee, although the highest BT seed Lunardi has in Milwaukee is Maryland as a 6 (still can’t wrap my mind around Maryland in the Big Ten, or West Virginia in the Big 12). It should be noted that Joe has zero Oklahoma schools in the field – no Paperclips, no Okie Lite, no Tulsa.

No, I’m going off Lunardi’s bracket from the 19th and yesterday:

19th left side of bracket:

East - Villanova @ Buffalo
South - KY @ Indianapolis

19th right side of bracket:

Midwest - Kansas @ Tulsa
West - UCLA @ Sacramento

23rd left side of bracket

East - Villanova @ Buffalo
West - Baylor @ Tulsa

23rd right side of bracket:

Midwest - Kansas @ Tulsa
South - KY @ Indianapolis

As you can see he swapped the bottom portion of the brackets (flipped South and West). So I think he (Lunardi) made a mistake in what he posted.

Sites and regionals are completely a guess right now. Very possible that something changed elsewhere on the bracket that caused him to change his guess for those sites.

If I’m not mistaken (I could be) but the number one seeds play closest regional to their home campus. UCLA would be in Sacramento and Baylor would be in Tulsa, I understand that. It goes with what you are saying about the host sites aren’t determined yet. Guess I wasn’t clear in my original response. Last week we were in the Midwest bracket, now we are in the South, so he didn’t pick us to be in the “Tulsa” regional two weeks in a row (I know that’s not what the original statement said) he actually moved us in the brackets, but he moved the host site.

Something to consider: the NCAA covers travel costs for the official parties (players, coaches, broadcasters, ADs, etc.) to the tournament. From a cost perspective, it benefits the NCAA to keep teams closer to home regardless of the seed. It’s not uncommon for a 5-9 seed to get a better regional draw than a 3 or 4.

Generally true. I think, as Dudley and Matt both pointed out, they try to put a lot of teams close to home if they can; they’d like to sell more tickets to 12 seeds as well as 1 seeds, plus the travel cost issue. Ticket sales may be a particular issue in Tulsa if the state of Oklahoma is shut out. Of course this is not always possible. Here are last year’s 1-2 seeds and first round sites:

Kansas – Des Moines
Villanova – Brooklyn
North Carolina – Raleigh (thanks to the bathroom bill, this trend will be broken in 2017; at least they’ll have to leave NC this time, if only to Greenville, SC).
Xavier – St. Louis
Oregon – Spokane
Virginia – Raleigh
Sparty – St. Louis

Sparty to St. Louis is a pretty good trip. But so is to Des Moines, so that is about a wash.

You could get cynical and suspect they will go mainly for ticket sales. Baylor was #82 in hoops attendance last year at 6,410. Kansas was #9 at 16,436. This year, Baylor is averaging even less (6,296). It would not be entirely off base to suggest that if a 1 or 2 seed has to get sent a long way from home, BU would be the top candidate, because they aren’t bringing a lot of fans no matter where.

I think it was Matt, but I kind of disagree a little. For example the Forum in Memphis hosts a regional, AR, Memphis, TN are 7, 8, & 9 seeds, none would be put in that regional unless they were a 1 seed. I believe there is something in the tourney site selections (or it used to be) that wouldn’t allow a lower seed to have what would end up being a “home” game.

Tiger High could not be put in a Memphis regional, regardless of their seed, but us or Ole Miss or Tennessee could. And you do have to win twice to get to a regional. First round is much more direct and controllable. For an extreme example, this year’s FF is in Glendale, Ariz. If UAriz (quite possible) or AzState (much less likely) made a Final Four run, you couldn’t keep them out because of geographic proximity (plus each school’s FF allocation is quite limited, but StubHub would have a field day with the Wildcats in the Final Four).

Again, going back to the 2016 bracket: Seton Hall was a 5 seed, Gonzaga was a 12. Seton Hall was sent out west and played Gonzaga at Denver in the first round. Not exactly a home game for the Zags, but a heckuva lot closer to Spokane than to South Orange, NJ.

However, it was made clear last year that if Dayton had been an 11 seed and put in the First Four – which is played on Dayton’s home court – that yes they would have been allowed to play in their home gym.

Wichita State was the No. 1 seed in 2014 and got matched-up against No. 8 seed Kentucky in St. Louis in the second round. It was a pro-Kentucky crowd.