I'll say one thing about Chris Beard

He knows how to work the refs to his advantage. He was on them bigtime in the first half and it sure helped his team in the second. Tech players were guilty of a lot of reach-in fouls that the refs didn’t call in second half.

If it had been Arkansas playing tonight, Zags would’ve been camped out at the free thrown line the entire second half.

You know that is exactly what my family and I talked about watching the game. They let Tech hammer Gonzaga guys driving to the basket turning them into turnovers.

The sports announcers have been raving about Tech’s great defense all tournament. But they foul a lot. Tonight Tech got away with quite a number of fouls in the paint that weren’t called. Kind of surprising.

Said same thing about Sutton and he was one of the best of his day.

Beard is among the greats of his time.

Will be paid like that soon whether he stays at TT or one day goes to one of the five greats

Exactly hence my earlier post that Gonzaga ain’t a blueblood…refs and announcers going gaga over TT

Beard’s teams are fundamentally sound, they are ultra aggressive and they make very few stupid plays. To say that they are well coached is an understatement but make no mistake they are also very talented. They have the bulky big man in the center, another big that is an elite athlete who has great length and vertical jumping ability. Their guards are not great athletes but all three can shoot and all three are tough as nails. The composition of his team tells me that he understands the mixture of talent needed to win at this level. His teams are hardly ever out-rebounded and they usually win the turnover battle and shoot better than the opponents because the defense that they play causes the opponents to turn the ball over and shoot poorly because they rarely get an open shot … everything is contested. A team that gets more rebounds, shoots better and has fewer turnovers is going to win most games and that is exactly what they do in just about every game.

Villa, I agree. Teams takes on the personality of it’s coach. Beard reminds me of how Nolan coached when he first got to Arkansas.