I'll say it again - how quickly the fortunes of UA sports changed

In years past we would have been ecstatic to have 2 big men (along with Brazile who is going to be all world) commit to the Hogs, while joining a lineup of six 6’-4" to 6’-7" top 100 HS players!! The twins are athletic, can get into the transition game, there is no telling how good they will be under CEM’s tutelage!! Let’s sit back and catch our breaths and digest what has occurred in both Football and Basketball and realize that next year, if the pieces fall right with no injuries, a little luck, etc. both teams could challenge for Titles!


We’ve been waiting to long.

Anybody remember ronpad. I thought of us as a top 10 team. If I remember he didn’t think I should live in a Fantasy World…

We now look like a prototype “National Championship “ team and under the guidance of CEM we should also perform like one. If JWill and Toney was to come back it would be a stacked team with a strong mix of new talented young players and with great seasoned veterans. Arkansas fans will be treated to many options through out the calendar year to come out and see top notch champion caliber teams in many different sports, Arkansas fans are truly blessed! WPS

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Since this seems to be across a lot of sports, much of the credit should go to HY. Just compare with Jeff Long.


He hired Muss and Pittman. Who else has he hired? I honestly don’t know.

Those are the two big bell cows for the programs. He hit home runs on both of those hires and not many of his peers would have gone that route. More importantly he has supported their needs and wants while having to deal with increased salaries for each as well (Muss will be getting an adjustment as he keeps earning it and promoting the UA total programs). Great time to be Hawgs fan

Better to pay more for good results than to pay coaches to go away–seems so long ago now.


But … if you’ve hired outstanding FB & BKB coaches you’ve done a great job, based on that alone. Did he hire our softball coach? She’s done a helluva job!


Agree but there has to be some luck too. Pittman was an unknown commodity as a HC. Has worked out for sure.

Jeff Long hired Courtney Deifel. And Colby Hale and Mike Neighbors (after Dykes). Long screwed some things up to be sure, but he set women’s athletics on a definite upward trend, starting with combining the athletic departments (women were separate under JFB).

Hunter also hired Jordyn. That looks like a pretty splashy hire to me.


Have we hired Lance Harter’s replacement? You talk about a tough job. Monster shoes to fill after Lance’s achievements.

Yep. Assistant coach Chris Johnson takes over when Harter retires.

Thanks. After looking at his bio, he looks like a great replacement. 3 National Assistant Coach of the year and 12 regional assistant coach of the year awards. I’ll bet the team was happy that Chris got the job.

The Gymnastics coach.

ADs do more than just hire coaches. HY created a culture of excellence (beyond what already existed here). He pays attention to details that few seem to pay attention to. He supports aggressive turnover of under-performing assistant coaches, for example. He “gets” the court- and field-storming celebrations in a way that seems an “embrace” vs. an act of “tolerance” or even “annoyance.”

Marketing is on a different level. The NIL minefield seems to be adequately navigated, so far.

I don’t think RD was suggesting that ADs begin and end with hiring and firing head coaches. I just wanted to point out there are other elements that others may not see.

Jeff Long is oft-maligned by fans. His strength was his weakness - he was able to tiptoe for ten years through a world where he was JFB’s replacement. Anything he did was compared to JFB’s work, and those loyal to Frank were not above leveraging support. Jeff failed to gain access to certain donor options because he was NOT Frank. It took Jeff enduring all of that, and then exiting, before a sense of normal was returned to how the AD position works.

If you want a nice comparison, consider just how much “over the shoulder” observation occurred at OU with Bob Stoops “retired” while Lincoln Riley was trying to build his own legacy. It didn’t help that Stoops had a son on the team, probably, but Riley would have been a fool to not have Stoops’ son on the team. It eventually led to Riley saying “I’m done.” The political machinations at OU were fascination when Riley left. Almost immediately, Barry Switzer was crowing about hiring an offensive genius and Bob Stoops was calling for a defensive mindset in the new HC. Very public lobbying by prominent ex-coaches. That is rare to see, and it took a sudden coaching departure to witness it.

That was going on behind the scenes with Long (I was given access to a bit of it, unfortunately, and once you see you can’t unsee), but few might have been aware.

Replacing a legend is usually thankless - and the replacement is almost always a sacrificial lamb who clears the road for the NEXT guy. Long screwed a lot of stuff up, but he endured long enough to exorcise the JFB influence on the AD position, making it easy for Hunter to come in and retool things into one of the finest, if not the best, athletic department in the country.


Considering we were warned by people all over the country, Bobby Petrino was a horrible hire.

Giving BB the huge buyout after the win over a bad Texas team proved to be a bad decision. BB became lazy imo.

And then there is John L.

Jordyn Wieber

I’ve always thought Bielema’s problem was that after he lost assistants like Partridge and Ash, he couldn’t find people as good as them, either as recruiters or on-field coaches. And when it went south (halftime at Misery), it went south FAST and he couldn’t fix it.

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A lot of coaches on all levels have left schools because of the lack of the support from an AD, So right.

To me - it starts first with HY and then the fact that with the changing landscape the entire department has taken the “let’s not be scared to be competitive” approach to recruiting, marketing, expectations.

At times I have wondered how truly competitive we wanted to be.