Ill say 1 thing, Norvell has some huge cojones

going for that 4th and 3 at mid field…love it. Also like how he’s got some fire in his belly at the Refs

He didn’t come to paint.

Why would he come to Arkansas?

Wife from Ft. Smith, played at UCA, rumor is he has a house on Beaver Lake.

These coaches haves big egos - so I’d assume slightly more money, chance to compete on the biggest stage, chance to coach against the best of the best. All that stuff.

I also wonder if other coaches watch our team and know they can be better than 2-10. The bar is so low. And we’re so poorly coached.

But it’s a fair question to ask of anyone at this point. As bad as things are.

But what if he really respects CCM and thinks if he is struggling this bad then stay the heck away.

Norvell signed a 5-year, $13 million deal with Tiger High in 2017. We’d have to bump that significantly to get him. Again I have no idea if he’s on HY’s radar.

Ok. Well let’s do it then.

$500 K buyout for Norvell

Makes $2.6mm

A $1,000,000 raise might get it done

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Not if it ends your career in 3 years.

Apparently upon further research he signed another extension in February but the salary and buyout were essentially unchanged, they just gave him two more years of the same thing.

Not a whole lot of defense. I think he Gus and Morris all share an agent— Sexton of CAA.

Bet asking is 4.5 million a year with 15 million buyout that reduces 20-25% a year plus 5-8 million a year for his staff and each staffer guaranteed for 3 years.

Not impressed with Norvell defense he would get killed in SEC from Alabama, LSU, Auburn, Florida, and Georgia for starters.