I'll have a Red Bull

To celebrate the birth of the Chad Morris Era, as well as AD Yurachek.

I feel that it’s early, but clear to see we are in a better place now than we were a month ago.

We have an AD who understands what needs to be done, as well as said. I don’t think we will get any of those snarky comments from Hunter like we did with Jeff. I also think he will learn from Jeffs mistakes, and be a very good AD.

As for coach Morris, I’m extremely excited. We have a guy who knows what it takes to rebuild a program, and wasn’t handed anything at SMU. He understands how important Texas is, and has the best connections. I bet we see a lot more than 15 Texas recruits over the next 5 years.

On from incompetence to what looks like bright days for the hogs, I’m pumped, and drinking the Kool-Aid!

(Morris was my guy from the jump, so I kind of have to be excited)