I'll eat my crow now

I have to admit, that I thought Bama would roll us for our first bad looking loss of the year. Watching them through the year they had all those long arms and fast legs. They had decent inside size, could shoot the 3 well, ran a fast pace to wear you out and their length could most likely take Joe and Whitt out of the game. I really thought they were the worst matchup for us in the SEC.

In the first few minutes, I saw exactly what I expected and was prepared to have to sit through a real tough to watch beat down. Well… color me amazed. We won. WOW!!! Best get my dish of crow out and start nibbling, but I’ll gladly eat it all for this win and on the road no less.

I have to wonder how the hell we did it. I suspect Bama being down the player that broke his wrist the previous game had to play a part. He was their best defender and a floor leader. Granted we were down with Joe severely limited, but I think the Bama guy would be equal to us losing Mason Jones. Still that’s part of the game and you have to be prepared for injuries.

So SOOOOOOIE!! GO HOGS and Bring on the Crow!!

Jones and Whitt were awesome. And Harris was clutch in relief of Joe. That is condensed version of how. Harris hit a big time three after great pass from Whitt.

I didn’t see this as a win two weeks ago when I went through the schedule. But I didn’t expect a win at Indiana either. Both will be sweet victories when committee looks at resumes in a few more weeks.

Joe was not a factor, unless you consider a tough night being a factor. I do not think I’ve ever seen this stat in a victory. Arkansas was -19 with Joe on floor. Obviously, he’s not healthy yet.

Joe may need to sit for a week or 10 days. Joe has been playing very good defense this season. It’s nearly impossible to play great defense on a bum knee. It takes away all your lateral quickness.

How did the crow taste!
Just messing with you. From the start it didn’t look good then in a flash Mason Jones seemed to take over and carry the hogs. I don’t think the win happens without Chaney being active on the glass. Good team win!
The free throw line is a mystery for the hogs

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