I'll be surprised if Arkansas-Missouri State starts on time

The Oklahoma State-Oral Roberts game is in a rain delay and there are more showers moving this way from Oklahoma; should be arriving in about a few hours.

I’m told that an NCAA regional game can start any time before 11 p.m., so I think the game will be played tonight, but it might be a little later than planned.

It hasn’t rained a drop in Fort Smith. Overcast but nothing wet.

Weather Channel forecast says scattered thunderstorms for Fayetteville until almost midnight, precip chances in the 35-60% range until then.

I’m already thinking we may nott play at all hope so by just got a feeling.

If I had my druthers, I’d prefer to wait until tomorrow rather than go very late into the night.

Obviously need to win one way or the other, but going late into the night will put extra added emphasis on the need to win.

Will any meaningful delay cancel the SEC Network’s broadcast of the game tonight?

It might. The NCAA has control over what games are on the networks.

There must be a 55-minute intermission between games, so if OSU-ORU lasts three hours and is uninterrupted by more rain, the earliest Arkansas-Missouri State would start is about 7:35 p.m.

Mobilehoma State and ORU got underway a few minutes ago; it’s top of the first. Allow 3+ hours to play it and an hour to empty, clean and refill the stands and we might get going sometime around 8.

Looking more like 8:45 PM or 9:00 with the way this game is dragging on.

Wonder if the SEC Network might not pick up the Aggie game (scheduled only for espn3) until ours starts? That would be fine with me, so long as they DO switch to ours when it begins.