I'll be shocked if we don't see LH Povich

Clay’s article today quoted the Neb coach as saying they have lots of fresh arms. That’s discouraging, but not terribly surprising since they coasted in their win against NJIT and only used two against us last night. What I don’t know is how good their BP is outside of Schwellenbach. I assume their starter is good, but we’ve faced good pitchers before & managed to win.

They have a RH named Franks who came in and did good against Northeatern and LH Bunz has good #s for them but we can hit all of them if we get our minds and our approach right,we have seen better and hit them.

Povich is starting for Nebraska. He threw 64 pitches Friday.

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I don’t know how many innings Povich pitched Friday, but 64 pitches isn’t necessarily too much that he couldn’t pitch, but on 3 days rest you might have to question how many innings he could go tonight. Not many I hope. I’m hoping we can get on this guy early and make his night even shorter.

Fresh Arms doesn’t always mean Accurate Arms.

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