I'll be shocked if we don't see LH Povich

The way we’ve been horrible against LH
Pitching, Neb has to be thinking their Ace Povich or Bunz their 2 LH. LH have been our kryptonite all year, our LH hitters can’t hit them and our switch-hitters aren’t near as good from the right side, throw in Franklin who is in the worst slump.of the season and we have our work cut out for us…

Something will have to Change for us to win tonight, I expect DVH to play more small ball to try to manufacture a run or two.

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Dude, relax. You’re spending a lot of time agonizing over this team. No disrespect meant to you, as I recognize your value to this board. But you really seem to be stressing about this regional.

This team just needs to go play loose tonight. Not change their hitting approach. Not think about elimination. Really, not think at all. Just play.

The very reason we have been successful all year is the same reason we should win tonight……. because we have a really good team, and play together as a team. Tonight will be no different. Same as the Sunday in Knoxville, the Sunday in Oxford, or the Sunday in Columbia. These guys are good. They are confident. And they just need to go play and let it rip…… and the results will be the same as all year.

After all, imagine how much you would be stressing right now if you were a Nebraska fan having to face us again tonight?


There is a very valid reason to be stressful about this regional, we lose we go home! Sometimes you have to change your approach, shake things up to get the engine going again. I expect DVH to do that but we will see…

You’re right Youda - what a shame it would be for this team to miss the World Series, which is what will happen unless they figure something quickly out today. I think all of the press went to their heads

Nebraska has to figure out what to do to win 2 out of 3 against us. I wouldn’t want to be in NE shoes that’s for sure.

How long has this team been #1? I think they’ve dealt with the press just fine. It hasn’t seemed to affect Kopps. Goodheart is getting going. If anything has happened it’s our pitchers seem to be a little nervous.

I am stressed because of our bats. Now pitching comes into play. Bolton, inconsistent at best. Wiggins, freshman, who knows. Monke in a funk.

Franklin, Opitz, Moore, Slavens in slumps. Can’t put bat on ball or strike out.

Yeah I’m concerned. Hope I’m wrong but I would pitch all lefties against us. I think we’re tight. Nebraska playing very loose. Good team.

I think the pressure is on us. Nebraska has already met or exceeded expectations. This team doesn’t do that until they win at least a couple in Omaha

Who are Bolton and Washington? lol

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Yes, we fans tend to overlook how well an opponent is playing. When your team has been #1 in the country for months, we tend to believe no team can play with us unless we play badly.

The players probably overlooked Nebraska a bit because they weren’t even ranked until the last couple weeks of the season. I heard an announcer say they had won 11 of their last 12 games coming into this regional.

They’ve certainly got our players attention now. I look for us to come out tonight and play like we did in the rubber match against TN, (also a very good and hot team at the time) and take care of business.

Nebraska reminds me of Ms State,veteran team,philosophy is not to K and put the ball in play which puts pressure on your defense as we have seen.They will battle you every at bat.They have the Mojo now bc they know they can beat us,its up to us to show them why we are # 1 team,come out take control early and put the pressure on them,
we have faced way better competition and are used to having to win the 3rd game to win the series.

Easy mistake. A “to” for a “de” in Bolden. And “George” and “Benjamin” were from the same general time frame in our history. :laughing:


I like the fact that we’ll be the designated home team tonight. It’s a more natural feel for us when playing at Baum-Walker.

Plus, the “home” team has won every game of this regional so far. Let’s keep that going.

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Well, and just having the last AB is big. Even taking a 3 run lead into the 9th isn’t comfortable if you know the other team gets the last shot. When you bat last, you know what you have to do. If you’re down one run or tied, playing small ball is a better option.


Good catch, I hadn’t noticed that. Now, if you haven’t already, please “knock on wood 3 times” immediately. I’ll do the same as soon as I hit reply! :crossed_fingers:

Casey Opitz has collapsed with the bat. He seems to have lost confidence while at the plate. Thankfully, he is perhaps the best defensive catcher in college baseball. Maybe he needs to see if he can get walked. I think his chances are better than 50/50 for getting on base when at 3/2.

I think you will see more sac bunts( also safety squeeze with runner on 3rd and less than 2 outs) tonight to hopefully get ahead early,it’s what you do when you’re struggling with the bat,you try to manufacture runs which I would love for us to do.

Yep they are starting Povich. I would love to jump on him immediately! Hopefully after a 3 up 3 down inn from Wiggins.

I wanted those last night. When we had runners on first and third, I would have tried a safety squeeze. As it was, the two outs we had to use, went to waste. But I’m not the coach. :joy::joy:

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I’m pretty sure DVH will definitely be moving runners tonight, he knows offense is struggling and needs a little help.The key will be getting on base.

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