I'll be attending

the 17-under Arkansas Hawks’ afternoon practice on Saturday as they get ready for Real Deal next weekend.

Real Deal will be the first time the Hog commitments have played together since pledging to the Razorbacks and first time they have played together since Las Vegas in July.

Is DJ Weaver playing for Hawks like they thought he would?

Yea, he’s been practicing with them.

Yes, one of the AR basketball twitter guys was posting pics (I would say small videos) last night

Kevin McPherson @ARHoopScoop been posting short vids of these kid’s since 2016…practice, H.S. game highlights etc…

Believe that’s him

Yes DJ was there.

D.J. was indeed there.


Justice Hill and Ethan Henderson team up.


Future Hog bigs Reggie Perry and Ethan Henderson.


Justice Hill hits the three.


RD, Ingram said DJ is a legitimate 6’8. Is that correct?

Bill and DJ told me that. He looks it.

What kind of game does DJ possess? Is he more of stretch 4 or does he possess some good post up moves?

I see him more of a three. Good mid-range game, very good in transition, good enough with the ball to take the defender off the dribble, good, quick hops makes him a good rebounder.

I’m still wondering why no services (except future 150) have ranked Hill. He seems like a 4-star caliber player.

It may have been RD that said, Justice with the Hawks plays more like a “true point” and tries to showcase the other guys instead of himself. That may be why he is underrated by the services. They aren’t seeing him in HS and evaluating him as an all around player, but they are only seeing and evaluating him as a guy who gets others involved.

When you were talking about DJ on Razorback Nation Pig Trail last night, you mentioned him as 6-8, but the screen shot had him listed as 6-6. But then again, the screen shots of the profile of the players on that show is most always different than what you are verbally reporting. Not sure why they can’t get it right?

I have nothing to do with their graphics. I will talk to them about it.