I'll be 66 tomorrow

And the best present after waking up FIRST(got to put things in the right perspective nowadays) would be a Hog diamond victory!
Let’s GO HOGS!


Congrats …and Go Hogs

Happy birthday! If the hogs win it would be nice.

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Happy Birthday. Go Hogs!

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Just a kid!

Happy Birthday & WOOO PIG!

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday young’un…


Happy Birthday, you fellow!!! :joy:

GHG, Gig those Aggies today!!!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, youngster!

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happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, it’s not looking good for your Hog gift.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes guys! And I’m 66 no matter who wins/loses soooo… C’MON, PIG SOOOOIEEE RAZORBACKS!!!

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Hey tennhawg……you’re younger than me and Clay. And both of us claim to be young. We share a birth date which will happen June 26th.

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Birthdays still fun. My goal is to play golf and fish on my birthday.

I got my birthday present Friday. New truck. White Tundra. They surprised me by tinting windows. My wife always names my trucks. She dubbed it Storm Trooper.

This is a 6 cylinder with turbo boost. Good highway mileage.

I put new AT Cooper tires on it. I think it’s a cool looking truck.


I assume you still have those rocket launchers on top?

No. Could add them but I’m tired of not fitting in parking garages.

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You are going to love that new tundra. My good friend has one and travels a lot in his, and it gets good mileage for a big truck. I have a Tundra that came out the year before they introduced the V6 with the turbo, and it’s a gas guzzler but a fine truck otherwise. I had to buy one bc my old chevy started having problems and I didn’t want to get stuck in a bind with mechanical issues, so I traded up for a new one.

I had given my old Tundra to the boys as they started driving as a “learning” truck…that thing was still running good after 18 years and about 300k miles of boy wear and tear.

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