I'll admit

I’m a little confused…its been somewhat conceded by nearly everyone on this board that likely GM has already been targeted and its more or less his job to turn down. After this presser, it sounds as if that is not at all the case, unless GM has already turned us down, or unless her “full authority” search is only for the guy who will be hired if the GM deal doesn’t ultimately get done.

I don’t know if we have a deal with anyone or not, but the words she used would be used if they had no idea who the next coach was or if they already had him lined up. “AD speak” exist just like “coach speak.”

Florida had Chip Kelly hired, just ask 'em. … and now???

Absolutely, my brother texted me from nwa with one comment “All BS”. However listening to other so called insiders and reporters around the state afterwards, they weren’t talking as if were only AD speak. They were acting surprised that Comer Peoples was in charge, was given full authority, etc. etc.

is that for certain…that he’s gone to ucla? I heard frost was their fall back guy…wonder who ours is?

When I said “just ask 'em”, I meant their fans. Most fans, even those who claim to be in the know, really don’t know. :wink:

Skip Holtz