IJ is back!

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Never been more ready for a basketball season to get here.


Now let’s just hope there is a season to return to! GHG!

I got to admit I didn’t think he would come back. SO glad to hear he is coming back! As stated by other, now if we can just have a season!

Yes! I am so ready for basketball. I think we will have a very good season, but there are a lot of unknowns. On paper it sure looks exciting. It has been so very long since Arkansas was where it should be in basketball.

I was asked what my expectations are for the Hogs each year. It is simple. Cut down the nets from the last game of the season. That must be the realistic goal each year. Is it this coming year? It would be a long shot, but at least a shot. When was the last time I thought that? Long ago…

Great news. I really look forward to watching Joe play this last season, even if no one is in the stands. wps

Great news!! WPS!!

Awesome!! So much potential talent. Will be very interesting to see how playing time pans out.

This should put us in Top 25 to start the season. Joe was the key for that because otherwise they would be just two returnees. It is always better to start in the Top 25 than having to work yourself into it.

Another benefit is that it will take the pressure off Moody to be the main man. And as a freshman, that is always helpful.


Great! The key cog in what could potentially be a very good year. Thinking seeding now instead of bubble!

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Always good if you can surround the floor with really good shooters. After seeing the preseason scrimmage in Vilonia a few years back, I was shocked how good Dusty Hannahs was, just didn’t expect that much. He had to sit that season as a transfer, but I remember thinking how much better that team would be, or would have been, if Hannahs could have been on the floor at the same time as Anthlon Bell. Would have really spaced the floor.

With all the talent that we’ve longed for for quiet awhile now I think it’s finally arrived!!! I think it may take the first 7-10 games for Muss to find that smooth flow or better still he might construct an “A” team and an “A+” team. It’s been THAT long for some of us so, hey, I guy can dream.

Good news. I thought we could contend without IJ, Now I’m sure of it. Hopefully no more injuries.

Whooo Hoooo! I have never been so glad to be so wrong about what a kid would do.

Wonderful news ! Wish this young man all the best!! WPS

I see a good moon rising…

Automatic: 8/01/20

I will take our chances with 16 out of 17!


“Do you shoot your way out of a bad shooting day?” “Oh most definitely…never stop shooting.” Gotta love it!

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Thanks for that excellent video, Daytona. But, darn it, now I’m so excited about the upcoming season, I may have a panic attack before it gets here! :grin:

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