Iguodala--What might have been...

Watching the NBA playoffs, it is hard to believe that Andre Iguodala of Golden State was at one time committed to Arkansas–when Nolan Richardson was coach. Had Richardson stayed, no telling what that might have done to turn the program around at just the time it was needed. But alas, coulda, shoulda, woulda…didn’t happen.

As I recall he had already signed, but we released him from the LOI and he wound up at Arizona.

Yes. We were poised to have a very good 2002/03 season if Nolan had stayed. We would have had Andre Igoudala, J.J. Sullinger, (soph G/SF), along with Modica, Gomez, and Michael Jones. All necessary pieces except for an experienced PG. JJ transferred to Ohio St and was a 3 year starter for them after sitting out a year. If Nolan could have found a JUCO or freshman PG, that might have been Nolan’s most talented team since the Nat’l Championship team.

Maybe the best Razorback that never played a game due to our own self inflicted …whatever.

Even in his mid-thirties he is still playing great ball…

That’s what happens when you get a battle of egos. Great leaders put their egos aside for the betterment of the whole. JFB did a lot of great things but allowing the feud to develop and fester the bitterness was his mistake. He should have called CNR in and tried to clear the air. CNR’s comments made it hard to unwind.

A friend and I were looking at some water erosion at my cabin in Erbie. He said, “the water problem starts all the way up the road, not here where you can see it.” And he was right. The erosion of that relationship started “up the road” and should have been dealt with before it became such a problem.

Oh what coulda woulda shoulda been!

2004 recruiting class of Al Jefferson with Darian Towns, Steven Hill and Charles Thomas.

To go with the roster of Ronnie Brewer, Olu Famutini, Eric Furgerson etc…

I took our photographer to Illinois to strobe the gym and shoot Iguodala’s last home game. Got to know the mom and Andre. Spent the whole day with him. He was a special player. He reminded me of Paul Pressey in that he could run the point as a forward. No question in my mind it was about to happen again for Nolan. And, there were more coming behind him. I do believe they would have gotten Mike Conley and the center who played with him in AAU and Ohio State. Mike Conley, Sr., and Nolan were very close.