IG Live with the Musselmans and Signees

For anyone interested, here are links to the Instagram Live segments that Eric and Danyelle Musselman did this week where they talked with most of the new basketball signees. The first is from Wednesday and features the two grad transfers and Davonte Davis. The one from today features Moses Moody.

Wednesday’s IG Live

Friday’s IG Live

Now they need to have a show with Jaylin Williams and KK Robinson!

Those are really good. I really like this guy. Also, it seems we got 2 for the price of 1 with Daniele. She seems to be infested in the program and her interview professionalism shows. I may be wrong, but I think great things are ahead.

Oh yes, Coach Muss way, way out kicked his coverage like most of us!

The Musselmans have already posted today that there will be another IG Live with the Musselmans tomorrow (Monday, April 20) at 6 p.m.

Remind me, what is Daniele’s background that gives her such rare interview presence? She is great, and Jan and I are thrilled she is a hog caller also. This was our first time to get to see her.

When that happens can somebody send me the link as I really enjoyed the first two. Thanks!

Ya’ll think Danyelle is good just wait until you see the little Daughter do an interview…She will be a super star.

Does anyone have a link to click on for the IG Live Segment tonight (Monday, April 20th)? Thanks! I’m a little behind the times as I don’t have an Instagram account.

Hello. Can you provide another link to tonite’s IG Live? Please and thank you.

Where do you go once you are on Instagram, Swine. I’m new to this too.

I honestly can’t tell you. I access Instagram through the app and I can follow certain accounts (like Muss and Razorback basketball) and get notifications when they’re going live. But how you find live stuff through the website, or watch it after the fact, I do not know.

If you have the app on your phone, search for razorbackmbb and tap the account’s profile photo. It should give you the option of viewing the account’s story or watching the live video. Click watch live video.

Didn’t work for me, Scottie. Can someone just post the clip on here like the other 2?

I’m not sure why that wouldn’t work on your phone.

Thanks for the tip. Scottie. Just watched the whole thing that way. Noticed a lot of unanswered questions about Kim English…

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All I get is a 30 second highlight video of KK. It doesn’t give me the option to watch live video, and I signed up for Instagram just to watch it. Can’t you just post a direct link to it, Scottie? Mdw posted the first 2. Not sure why he’s not posting this one. Really these videos should be easily accessible on THIS site. You know most of us aren’t tech savvy. For what we pay every month, we should have access to every video Muss does… ON Whole Hog. Muss is tech savvy, and we all want to see the things he does.

This is what the razorbackmbb Instagram account looks like on my iPhone. The IG live is available to watch by clicking the profile pic in the top left corner. I hope that helps.

Here’s a link for those who need it:

Monday’s IG Live