Iffy that we’ll get tomorrow’s game in

Maybe by 4:00 the rain will be mostly gone.

If the field is covered after the game 1 it could happen.

That’s fine with me, don’t need to use any more pitching that we might need this weekend. Adios Little Rock

Don’t burn any arms you need for the conference series this weekend.

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They have lots of young pitchers who need innings. Lots of them. Not playing games prevented development of Wiggins, Starks and Adamiak last year. Play the games if you can.

For the most part, the pitchers who will throw tonight are not the ones who are going to throw on the weekend.

Ledbetter, Griffin, Gray, Tole, Moten and probably others need innings. This might also be the day we see Bracken get back into a game.

That’s the idea of playing these games, use your staff. Find someone for the second half of season and develop them for next year. We are not in a Covid period but it might come back (And I hope not).

What do you think has happened to Tole? He has been very inconsistent and it looks like his Velo is down some. I was thinking he was going to be a major part of the bullpen and I guess he still could be but he’s been kind of a disappointment so far.

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