If you're only going to have the lead for 8.6 seconds

It might as well be the last 8.6. Great comeback by Mike’s ladies. Also nice to win a game by crashing the offensive glass given the number of times we lose a game that way. On to the semis where I’m sure the Poultry will drill us again.

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Great win! I don’t think those chickadees will drill us. They might peck our eyes out though.

I looked up the box score.

We shot .339 from the field, .321 from deep. Outrebounded by 12. We made our FTs but so did they. Aggies had more assists, more blocks, fewer fouls.

Basically only three numbers went our way: 14 turnovers forced to 6 committed; made 9 treys to their 3; and, of course, the final score.

We did have four scoring in double figures to their three, but Daniels led us with 13.

Heck of a win ! Congrats to the ladies and CMN. WPS

RPI jumped from 32 to 27 with the win. Q1 win makes them 4-4 and 10-5 Q1-Q2. If not for a couple of Q3 losses (Cal and Florida) they might be in line for a 4 or 5 seed. Manage to upset the Poultry tomorrow, they might still climb another line or two – and stun the women’s hoops world (The Chickens lost in the Virgin Islands to Indiana on Thanksgiving Day and haven’t lost since).

Swine the first quarter it seemed the hugs just couldn’t get going. Missed several wide open shots but also took some wild shots. The started playing defense in the 4 th quarter and pulled it out. Great win.

Women’s team is a jump shooting team just like men’s. When you have multiple good shooters, chances are some shots are going to start falling. Good jump shooting teams are always in the game and we have very good men’s and women’s jump shooting teams.

Great win Ladies - Never Yield.


One thing about Mike Neighbors. He is so calm and has a smile on his face, regardless of what is happening on the court. So do most of the players.

Neighbors is an analytically smart dude. He knows the 3 ball is a difference maker and doesn’t fall for the hot hand/cold hand myth. They just keep shooting it, which is smart especially if that is your strength. Even though they were down they kept at it and it paid off. Regression to the mean :slight_smile:

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