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Get on Twitter and search for Bobby Petrino.

For example:



Oh, and BTW:




Be careful here, this may incite the BP crowd to lobby hard for his return to AR & a fundraiser for his reduced buy out.

I’ll kick in some money. I would love to have him back.

If you’re serious, I hope you’re in a very small minority. Any integrity the UA has would be immediately lost in such a hire. I want us to be a top 10 football program, but not at the cost of integrity.

I didn’t say I thought he would come back or even be hired back.

To my knowledge his football programs have never been charged with any NCAA violations. So he is fine in that regard. If we are gonna fire all the coaches who have cheated on their wives, then we are gonna have a serious coaching shortage. He made a mistake. He was fired. He ain’t coming back. He doesn’t want to come back. It is over.

It was a comment made in jest…sort of. No, I wouldn’t give money to bring him back, but I would love to have a coach as good as he is. If you don’t think so, prepare to have him in the SEC next year if he bails Louisville. Auburn or Tennessee would be likely destinations. He is certainly among the 10 best coaches in college football. We all know cause we once saw it.