If you're going to the bowl game

Don’t wear white. Penn State is doing a whiteout in its section in Tampa.

Lack of color. All white is kind of boring.


Time for lots of red, red, red.


I’ll be wearing Red, can’t wait

Remember PSU prides itself on the most boring uniforms possible. So this fits right in.

OK, I’ll stick my neck out for criticism. The ONLY thing I like about Penn States is their all-white uniforms…with maybe only the dark blue stripe on the helmets and numerals. As a kid my heart would skip a beat when the Razorbacks came out in their cardinal red jerseys. I was there when we played Duke in the 1961 Cotton Bowl…a very wide-eyed kid. Our family dentist (also a U of A grad) invited my brother and me to go (from Malvern) with him and his wife. When we came out in our white jerseys the good Dr. said, “If I had known we weren’t wearing red I’d have stayed home!!” We lost 7-6, but I was very happy to be there and see Lance Alworth perform in person. Anyway, I no longer fret over whether we wear red or white. The good Dr. is 90+ now and I bet he still prefers red. He and his wife (RIP) had the happiest marriage of any couple I have EVER known!



Well we had already planned to wear our white (with red lettering) Pitt Crew shirts so I’m still sticking with that. Go Hogs!!!

And FYI, for anyone who cares, our Pitt Crew is in the opening of the Paul Finebaum show every day. We are holding up the Pittman heads! So cool!!!

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