If you would like to watch a fun game

The good ole days…

And then next:

I’m going to watch these and write a sidebar as if I covered it live :slightly_smiling_face:

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Its funny what I didn’t remember about these two games! I have rewatched the Championship game many times (I own a copy), but I don’t know that I have ever gone back and watched these games.

Thanks for sharing stillgreghog and it brings back great memories.


Thank you so much! With no live sports to watch this was really cool to watch these games again! Wow those were great times for our Hogs! WPS!!!

I’ve watched all six tournament games from that year: NC A&T, Georgetown, Tulsa, Michigan, Arizona and Duke. They are all on YouTube, at least the highlights.

I own the title game on DVD, need to watch it again. I need to search for the NC A&T, Georgetown and Tulsa games.

I’d forgotten how annoying Billy Packer was for most of the 2nd half. It’s like he was just dying for Khalid Reeves to draw that 5th foul on Corey Beck.

Billy Packer was always a real turd when it came to Arkansas in his broadcasts. Most of the time you could feel he was wanting the other team to win. It irritated us so much, that during the half-time broadcast in North Carolina that year, I think it was during the Arizona v Arkansas game, we (as in me and the few buddies with me) finally got to him and really pissed him off.

During his half-time speaking, we were pretty close behind where they set up for the half-time broadcast, so we started a chant… Billy “The Fudge” Packer. First it was just the 4 or 5 of us, but it grew. We were sitting next to some Dukie fans that were for the most part cool guys even if misguided in their choice of team. Anyways… they joined in too and before we knew it, we had 20-30 people chanting it. You could hear it easily and so could Billy.

When the cameras were off him he turned around very angrily and on the low low gave us the finger. That’s when I new we had gotten under his skin. In my opine he was a real prick, and it felt good get under his skin and let him know we didn’t think he was the end all be all when it came to broadcasting.

Anyways that one of many good stories that I have in regards to the 1994 Championship run. We followed the team to all the venues from Tulsa to Dallas then on to Charlotte. We picked the perfect year to do the Tourney thing and it paid off big time for us. Great times, great stories, great memories.

Was in a breakfast buffet line in the KC Hyatt in ‘83 and asked Billy Packer who he thought would win the Houston vs Villanova regional final there that afternoon. He frowned and grunted “I just call’em as I see’em and skulked off. Needless to say, a lasting impression was cemented. The first impression was on Packer’s call of the 1979 US Reed trip vs Bird’s Indiana State, “no doubt about it, it was a walk” to give ISU the last possession.