If You were Coach Bret

You’re embarrassed by the failure to finish, your team isn’t as physical as in the past

Your building everything right but this Arkansas gig is hard

But you do have some talent and a young hot rod of a QB

Arkansas has significant disadvantages

What now?

What do you do to make this underdhog win?

Is it possible your evaluation of what Arkansas can be - is wrong?

If not what do you change or do you hang on and let the process eventually build a solid program .

But what level Program.

Do you put a underworld contract on Sabin ? Another contract in the head if SEC refs?
Another hit contract on the SEC schedule maker
Another contract on the guy that gave you Mizzou as an embarrassing faux rival?

What to do?

[quote]Is it possible your evaluation of what Arkansas can be - is wrong?

I think it’s highly possible that he undervalued how tough the SEC was and how tough it was to recruit players to Arkansas.

Well, one is never supposed to look back, but I would bet a tidy sum that he has at least realized that the Wisconsin gig wasn’t nearly as difficult as he thought it was.

Yes you are never to look back except to learn from it

I suspect he is indeed realizing it’s not as tough being Whisky in the Big Ten vs being Arkansas in the SEC West

Still Uf Ciach Bret is going to maKe Arkansas the Whisky of the SEC he needs to keep focusing on going nation wide for the best Oline and DLine players in the nation

I hate saying it but it’s not going to happen over night and we got to give this coach time - firing coaches Willy nelly does not work

If there is not steady improvement going forward then how much time is reasonable before one can conclude it’s not a matter of time, but rather we just don’t have the right coach to elevate our standing in the league - 5 yrs, 6, 7, 10?

I would imagine he has figures out how tough the SEC west is! The Big ten has some cupcakes that don’t exist in the SEC
Things will improve in time. The things that could get Coach BB in the real hot seat are simple poor defense 2 years in a row and he does nothing to address the problem and it is a failure next year, Coach BB has never lost control of his team but that would do it quicker than a losing record and integrity which I’m confident his integrity is beyond reproach!
To me Coach BB is the man to right the ship and we need to support him. A blue collar working mans coach for a blue collar state.

Well I’m thinking at least 8 -10 unless the wheels totally come off like a 3-9 season
Or Coach Bret forgets where he is and say something like:

: “This program belongs to the whole state of Alabama”

I would say he leave tomorrow

Why 8? I’m just guessing - I know 4 -6 is too short

It’s clear to me Arkansas was so far down and so much damage was done that when your building a program that you don’t need to look over the shoulder - it’s going to take longer

Btw: I know the previous dude in the ditch was not playing by the rules

Poor Louisville it’s only a matter of time and it will blow up

Arkansas doesn’t appear to have that problem