If you want to see a sad sack UT fan that ALMOST makes you feel sorry for him

…watch this…

Sounds like something I would have recorded during Morris’ tenure

Yeah, I almost feel sorry for him. I lived in san Antonio for a few years. I dont feel sorry for Longwhorns or Spurs fans. The deserve the misery.

Poor thing.

Not a voice for radio.

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Love to see misery in a Texas fan. Does my heart good to know Hogs caused that!!!


Sounds like a bully that just got his butt kicked….

I don’t want to say anything mean, I think he is disabled or on the spectrum or something.


suck it up Buttercup!!

Not the least bit sorry for the ut sad sacker.

If ut had won, that wimpy blowhard would be gloating & arrogantly bragging about their greatness, same as ut fans do to everyone in their self-absorbed world of entitlement.

Well I’m glad his team still has that Big 12 championship left to play for. Chin up Big Fella. Easier games make for happier days.

Pathetic - needs to be placed in a four-point stance over Ricky Stromberg


It’s hard to tell. I wouldn’t be surprised either way, but it’s far from certain (to me) that he’s “less than normal”. I just think he’s crushed.

Obviously, if this guy is on the spectrum, it does change how I look at it.


“Still have a chance at the conference championship… the National one is pretty much off the table.” I read 72 pages of their fan’s mouthing/crying in and around the game, and like this cabana boy they truly believed Texass was going to win a NC with this team. I’m not sure they can beat Rice this weekend.

That dude sounds like Herbert the Pervert from family guy. :rofl:

After the 69 loss and years of getting jobbed by Texas officials, I will never feel for for a Texas fan’s feelings. I will sell a handkerchief to Texas fan in need for $100 as we should all be charitable in times of need.

At least this lost in space ut fan told the truth from his heart.
Possibly a good candidate to be a Texas politician one day. Who knows.

My only problem was the time I wasted watching his sadness. About 10 seconds was enough.


Not sure if it was more painful to watch what little of this I watched or for the Texas fan watching the game! Guy seems pretty fragile, life in the SEC might just be more than he can handle.


I’m not sure that I lasted that long Clay.

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