If you really want rumors

How about this:

BV was contacted by UA (as he admitted) to determine what his pay requirement would be so they’d know what to offer CM so we could get both. They wanted both, but figured CM would demand more money, and thought he could grab BV because of their relationship.

UA had 5-6 m to work with, 3.5 for CM 1.5-2.5 for BV, get rowdy.

We will see. If not, CM helped his buddy BV get a nice raise.

Fake News

Ain’t gonna happen

I think the OP may be onto something. Doesn’t mean it will happen, of course. But I believe it is possible. Go back and listen to BV interview with Bo. He hedges at the beginning. Everyone assumed it was because BV didn’t want to disclose that he’d personally spoken about the HC job. Perhaps that hedge was not wanting to reveal that he and CM had talked about a package deal with the search firm. Note that he said his people had spoken to UA reps, not him personally. That would certainly signal a money talk (among many other possibilities), perhaps about an asst head coach/DC position. CM would feel comfortable ceding all defensive decisions to him.

While I don’t dare assume this is exactly what happened, I do believe it’s a bigger possibility than those who dismiss it out of hand.

SMU insider on 24/7 said today part of his pitch to A&M was that Venables would be his DC there.

Lord I hate that term. Both sides in political world throw it out there all the time. I am not even sure what you are saying.

To me “Fake News” would be something made up out of whole cloth. I report that little green men have landed at WMS and are demanding to see the Governor. I just made it up. I wasn’t mistaken about it, just made it up.

On the other hand, a report that turns out not to be correct, for example, that Gragg (not sure I spelled that right) was going to be named our AD. It wasn’t just made up, there was reason to believe it was true, but they just got it wrong. Is that “fake news”? I say no, it is incorrect and shows some bad reporting most likely. But not “Fake News.”

We could get a better DC than Venables. He needs to be 4 or 5 on our list.

I would be surprised if Coach Venables leaves Clemson.

I’m from Arkansas and I wouldn’t do it because of how different the situations are right now.

But I am curious - who are the 3 or 4 better ones that would be legit possibilities?

I don’t need all of the fingers on one hand to count off defensive coordinators who have been successful against spread offenses. Most of them had a lot of NFL talent. Clemson, Auburn and Alabama come to mind but most teams are beating spread teams by out-scoring them, not by stopping them from scoring.

Clemson finished 8th in total defense this year. That means there are 7 DC’s who did better. Bama was #1. The Texas San Antonio Roadrunners were second, holding teams to under 300/yds per game. Their DC is Pete Golden. He has Louisiana roots. He might be one to look at.

UTSA isn’t Power 5. So their statistical ranking compared to a Clemson is a bit suspect.

Pete Golding bio from the Roadrunners site. He has had success before UTSA. Just waiting to get his chance at a P5.


Using your logic, we would not have hired Coach Morris.

Wrong. In his case, the quality of SMU’s opposition, which was not significantly different from when he arrived, is less important than how the Ponies improved their performance against that opposition. He took them from 1-11 to 7-5 in three years. That’s an impressive turnaround at any level. And, in any event, once we realized that Gus was only using us to get a raise, there were no other Power 5 head coaches clamoring to become the next Head Hog. No Bret Bielema waiting in the wings, in other words.

My point on the DCs is that comparing the coaching performance of a Jeremy Pruitt, a Brent Venables or a Jim Leonhard, coaching in strong conferences, to Pete Golden, whose toughest opponent may well have been 1-11 Baylor, encompasses a lot more than the raw numbers.

Fair points, but on how many Saturdays are Pruitt, Venables playing against offenses with better Jimmys and Joes? I think most if not all weeks they have the luxury of coaching defenses that have more talent than the other guys? I’m most interested in guys that are doing well even though they don’t always have the better players. Alex Grinch is another interesting candidate to me.


You make a very interesting point. When Pruitt at Alabama goes to Tennessee as head coach, does that make Pete Golden the best defensive coordinator in the country?