If you’re in Omaha

I’ve been to that one a couple of times. In true Texas style, I think it is the largest Scheels that has been built.

I live maybe 15 minutes from that Scheels in the Frisco area.

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My son lives 6.5 miles from the Scheels in The Colony (DFW). It’s huge.

Bought dogs toys for his new Malinois puppy last time I visited.

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Very smart young man…

Looks tasty. Would definitely hit it if I were making the trip which - unfortunately - I will not be. Gotta love the name, and from the website the offerings look good and reasonably priced.

For some reason, several of my friends/family members have been texting/emailing me about BBQ over the last week. Just randomly. But it sure has me jonesing for some good 'Cue. Going to have to scratch that itch very soon (like this weekend).

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