If you noticed

We were only in the full court all out press once tonight that I saw. Good call. Beard and Macon looked fresher. Barford does look exhausted at times. Cj finally hitting some shots helped. They need rest for the tourney.

I think they played more zone to tray to contain Sexton as much as anything. They also trapped him a few times when he drifted into the corner. It was a good call, the guy is way beyond anyone we can throw at him one on one, and Bama, unlike the teams we see quite often, is not very good shooting the three.

I do think this team needs to play zone more than some of MA’s previous teams, mainly because the guards just are not great one on one defenders.

He surprised me and he deserves credit. I think long and quick guys like CJ, Hall, Bailey, and Macon are good defenders in the zone. I think it helps Trey Thompson by keeping him from switching on to small quick guys away from the basket. Trey can stay in the lane area to patrol and rebound while not getting exhausted with trapping man & switches. I thought he was too stubborn if he wouldn’t use it for UK so I didn’t expect him to use it after he didn’t use zone against UK. I don’t understand why Mike sticks with this style yet doesn’t even adapt by using more zone earlier in the year.

I could soooo get back on the bandwagon if he didn’t take so long every season to recognize his team’s fatigue and defensive deficiencies from his style. It takes him most of the SEC conf season to get away from the stress and fatigue of pressing, man with traps, switches, etc. I would not be so upset this year if he didn’t repeat these same problems multiple years. Multiple seasons have dipped until he decided to use zone which saved the players bodies and improved play (the perimeter defense is better, rebounders are around the basket, etc.). I loved this style in the 90’s but the rules have changed and we don’t have the roster to play it the last few years. If we had the bench to support his style then it would be a different story.