If you like soccer, you will like this recruiting class

UA soccer coach Colby Hale keeps adding talent. Being a regular in the NCAA tournament is rare stuff for the UA women’s teams. Hale has pretty much gotten to that point with this program. If you like soccer, you’ll be interested to read this signing class. I think it’s probably his best group. I say that after discussing it with my daughter Sarah last night. She says the TSC club in Tulsa is powerful. Everything those coaches of that club have touched have turned to gold. Hale raided TSC with this class. Hale signed all three forwards from TSC, perhaps one of the strongest teams in the country over the past couple of seasons. He also got the center back. That’s the heart of that team. Several of these players have been in national camp. One of them has elite speed and scoring ability and has been called the best scorer in Oklahoma prep history. That’s good stuff. Oklahoma girls soccer has been strong for many years.

Sarah is always interested when there are left footed players signed. They are pure gold in soccer. You must have them and they are not always easy to find. Hale regularly signs left footed stars and he’s done it again.

http://www.arkansasrazorbacks.com/socce … -athletes/

Good for Coach Hale!

I can’t say that I’m a soccer fan. I have tried, but I just can’t seem to learn to enjoy it. I would probably need Sarah to talk me through a game to get into it. :slight_smile:

Glad to see Colby signing an Arkansas girl. Youth soccer in Arkansas lags behind other states, but a few more D-I level players might get some more girls into the program (and maybe someday we’ll have a men’s team too).

Marty, I may not know quite as much soccer as Sarah does, but I do a pretty good job talking Tyler through matches.

Thanks for posting this Clay. I’m pretty sure my daughter played against a few of these girls when she was playing ECNL in St. Louis. I’ve seen Caroline Campbell play a few times for United. She’s a nice player but will probably need some time to adjust to the level of competition. I saw her get taken out by a big 6’1 goonie goonie girl from Tulsa Hurricane’s Premiere team a couple of weeks ago in Burns Park. Goonie girl was red carded for basically throwing her down then kneeing her in the back of the head. I think she experienced a slight concussion. Those are some big time clubs most of these girls come from. FC Stars of Mass, Dallas Texans, FC Dallas, Atlanta Fire. They’ve been playing against the best of the best since they were 12-13 years old.

We probably need to do that, Jeff.

It was fun to watch their run last fall. This old soccer Dad (of a center back) will definitely catch some games next fall.


Hey Jim, maybe if I get Jeff on one side and you on the other, I might learn something! :smiley:

You can learn by sitting with a soccer player at a game. They can generally tell you when something is going to happen before it happens. They will see something and say, “Oh no!” Or, “Yes!” And, I’ll ask, what are you seeing. And, then they tell you and boom, it happens. I know Jim has had that experience sitting with his daughter at a game or in front of a TV. It’s amazing. But a soccer player sees a game differently than us regular folks.

I was told by a coach about my daughter’s vision of a game. I didn’t get it until we sat watching a few games. Now, not all soccer players have that “soccer vision,” but the good ones do. Every one of them. Right, Jim?

Could be arranged. I think I have a little of the knowing what’s coming next that Clay describes, but I’m not going to go so far as to think I have anywhere near the knowledge that Sarah or Jim’s daughter do.

Marty, you’ve got a deal. Soccer next fall for sure! I’ll be more than happy to cheer on the Razorback women with you and Jeff.

Clay is right. Ex-players, especially those that played at high levels like Sarah and Tonja see things us mere mortals don’t. It’s a joy to watch a game with someone like them because you can learn so much. If you can see what they see. Sometimes you can’t see what they see even if you try.

I haven’t gotten to sit down much with T to watch a game or two in the last few years. Her career and kids have taken all her time. I think there is another player coming along in the family. Not her oldest, she’s more into dance and music. But the little one, who was walking at 9 months. Look out.

I sure miss those days. Watching T play, then watching games with her. There was a time a few years back when we were watching a U.S. National team game on TV and when they showed the starting lineups Tonja started going, “played against her, played against her, played against her”, and on and on until she had said that about 8 or 9 of the starters. Abby Wambach, Brandy Chastain, Shannon Boxx, Aly Wagner, etc. etc. She played in that semi-pro league that took the place of the first women’t pro league that folded until the next one came on line. That darned ACL injury had an impact unfortunately. And, she never got to play against Mia tho. That would have been way cool…

Just for kicks, I googled Sarah and found her name in the Northeastern State record books. Still there after 12-13 years. She is on the list for assists in a season and career assists. The NSU women’s team has been very good for a long time, making the Division II tournament quite a few times. Sarah and I want to get back to Tahlequah and see a game. The stadium now has lights and some other new perks. When she was in school, all the games had to start early. The women would play about 1 p.m., then the men at 4 p.m. They had to be finished by dark. No lights. For week days, that made it very tough for many of the parents to get to games. Tough to take off work for most and then make the drive to Tahlequah.