If you have att

Our athletic director sent out a tweet I think saying you might not get ABC, Disney, ESPN, SEC because of ongoing negotiations between att and Disney. Att had this problem with CBS and NBC.

I am so glad I don’t have att services anymore other than cell service which I will cancel when contract is up in January. Worse customer service I’ve ever witnessed. Might want to make alternate plans on where to watch game.

I have DirecTV for a few more days, but my YouTube TV account is already active. It’s great not to lose TV when it rains hard (like today.)

I don’t know about CBS, but the NBC station problem was not with NBC, but was a pricing dispute between ATT and the owner of about 70 local NBC affiliates throughout the country.

Yes, ATT deserves to lose business with how poorly they treat their customers. When I would go in to get help with my phone, the service rep would always tell me there’s nothing I could do without even putting any brain cells toward the problem. They would then ask if I would like any of their other services. Um, not if you treat my like the child you keep in the basement. Verizon is the way to go.

I actually had that issue with Verizon and switched to AT&T. Now, I’m looking for another phone service and trying to figure out a cheaper TV service. I’m afraid with some of the different ones that have been listed, they won’t carry all the shows I like. Kinda sucks.

Loss of channels has happened to me with Comcast too. There is no escaping this as long as there have to be contracts between channels and providers.