If you have a 12-13 win season

With a lottery pick on your team, that’s not a good look.

These guys gotta find something at some point.

That would be 3-15 or 4-14 in SEC Play

I know, right? I wondered why the OP was so optimistic.

Would Mike be fired if we finished that poorly?

How in the world would I know?

That’s only up to Hunter Yurachek and a booster who wouldn’t support him if he went 36-0

When the hogs get it going I’m going to remind some folks about this. They will have a winning record. Last years team was in poor shape at this point too.

Winning record in SEC play? He might figure out a way to have a winning record overall, but I doubt he has one in SEC play this year.

Yep, started 11-5 (1-3) in SEC Last year. This year 10-6 (1-3).

Last year’s team still ended up a 7 seed and safely made it in the tournament. And that team had been blown out 3 times already by this point. This year’s team has been in close games and only blown out once. Still plenty of time to turn it around. I like our schedule after we get past the Texas Tech game. That stretch of 6 games I could see us winning 5 of 6 of those. Only really tough game is the @LSU.

They have to learn to play defense without fouling!

They are still learning a lot of things, but defense period is at the top of the list.

I hope that doesn’t happen, and I hope they don’t have that kind of season. They are very young and the SEC is much better. They are possibly facing this though.
I hope he does survive it IF it happens because I think they will be very good down the line. But this season is looking very difficult to deal with for these young guys. In the past there were games you could look to for W’s there are none on this years schedule and these guys.

Hope they put it together starting at Ole Miss.

Mikes recruiting, especially at 3,4, and 5 has helped create this. No depth. Roster turnover very high. Some of it may be kids quitting early but it rests with the coach who is very well paid. It’s time for a change, The goodwill of the fan base is crumbling quickly. I was very envious of having him be our coach back when he was a Missouri and UAB, but he has had 8 years here and not accomplished what he did at those two stops. Looks like it’s time for a reset, I do hope for a turnaround this season but it’s looking unlikely. Idk who we hire though…the program is not as attractive as I once thought .

Who is Mr. 36-0?

That does not bode well for continued employment if they have large booster pockets…