If you had your choice where would you eat

Herman’s ribs are pretty darn good!!!

I liked Ruby Begonias.

McClard’s in Rogers has a smoked prime rib on Saturdays that is excellent

Are there after game last week

Fred’s in Bentonville if Wright’s is not open.

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At one time, Penguin Ed’s was good. I’m not sure what happened. I had a poor experience there a couple of years ago and decided not to go back.

Wright’s is the go-to BBQ place in town now, but I still like to get Whole Hog Cafe’s ribs from time to time.


I remember when Penguin Ed’s used to cater the press box at RRS. When it wasn’t KFC. I kid you not.

My advice is simple. Figure out where you want to eat the day before the game and eat there! On game day eat what ever it won’t matter. Stay lol night and eat at another choice place on Sunday. That is how I do it when I go to the hill! Friday and Sunday nice meal and on game day the win is all I’m looking for!

Sadly, I have never had Wrights or Herman’s BBQ, but I will eventually. Love BBQ! I have had McClard’s, and found it to be vastly overrated (at least at the Rogers location). Just a suggestion if you want Chinese food…I eat at Hunan Manor on Weddington every time I am in Fayetteville, and I have since they were on College when I was in school. Simply the best Chinese buffet in NWA, IMO. Nobody else close. Also, I can’t wait to try the steak at Catfish Hole. Everybody here raves about it.

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Clay’s smoker has now moved to Norfolk. But mine will be in place soon. lol

I like some Penguin Ed’s. I’ve been eating it since I was on campus in the early 90s back when he was in a cinder block building on Garland by the Harp’s.

I don’t particularly care for them but BBQ taste is a personal thing.

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I’ve not been there in a couple of years so maybe it’s changed. I never eat BBQ in Little Rock unless it is coming from my own smoker. Once we get moved into Fayetteville in a couple of months, I would imagine that becomes the case.

Wright’s in Johnson looks to be open today. I mean…

(This was tweeted at 8 a.m. Idk why the time stamp is off.)

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The food in Fayetteville is pretty disappointing. I moved here 3 years ago from Little Rock. Little Rock has much better food. The art of Southern cooking did not make it up this far north. Wrights, Hermans, and Does on Dickson are my favorites. Go to Bentonville, the food is good up there.

Go to The Rolling Pin in south Fayetteville for a good breakfast.

Wess bbq burger plus
Petra cafe
Taco loco
Boca Italian
Tiny tims

You guys are making me hungry. If there was a Catfish Hole in Los Angeles I would eat there every dam day, unless we had any decent BBQ (or, dare I dream?) Cajun joints that weren’t WAAAAAY overpriced. Then I’d hit up one of them at least once a week.

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Wright’s is the best and then Whole Hog.
Penguin Ed’s is not the best BBQ.
Sassy’s isn’t very good either.

Buttered Biscuit has a good breakfast.

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Sassy’s wings are good. Not sure about the other food. I only go for the wings.


I nearly always tilt in the direction of a really good New Orleans style restaurant. I love to find a place with good turtle or alligator dishes.