If you had your choice where would you eat

before the game tomorrow?

We have never been to Wrights BBQ so I was thinking of trying it. Would love to hear you guys recommendations.

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Wrights is good stuff, a little pricey but good. I love some Hugos too.

Catfish Hole for me. Love me some hushpuppies

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I’d check with Wright’s on if they are open. I know Jordan had posted last night that they would be open today, but looks like they found this, this morning.

Wrights is closed until further notice.

The storm caused structural damage.

While for the sake of legend I have eaten at the Catfish Hole several times I found the catfish better at Eat My Catfish just south of the mall. And Smittys Garage Burgers which is closeby is pretty good too.

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They are opened tomorrow, as of 38 minutes ago.

There are lots of great options around town, depending on what you’re looking for. One of our new favorite places to eat is Pizzeria Ruby in Johnson. It’s a pretty small dining area, so you’ll need to allow yourself plenty of time to get a table. Ashley and I went a couple of weeks ago on a Saturday around 5 p.m. and the wait for a table was about 45 minutes. We were able to get a seat at the bar in about 10 minutes. That was the night of a Razorback basketball game and by the looks of what people were wearing, many were headed to the game after they ate.

  1. Hugo’s
  2. Hugo’s
  3. Hugo’s

Just FYI, downtown Fayetteville is a walkable area with drinks. So, you could put your name on the list at Hugo’s and then start at Maxine’s or The Vault. If you haven’t finished your drinks when Hugo’s texts that your table is ready, just put your drinks in a to-go cup, grab a paper bracelet, and carry it into Hugo’s (Hugo’s allows you to bring in anything other than soft drinks).


I agree. Eat My Catfish has better catfish, but you simply cannot beat the hushpuppies at The Catfish Hole

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that was me that tweeted them…lol


I don’t know on the catfish hole vs eat my catfish, I thought they were very very close both excellent. However, the fries and hush puppies at catfish hole are the absolute best. . .


For me, Hugo’s……Burgers, Fries and their famous beer cheese soup…the beverage of your choice. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All these places mentioned is making me hungry

So which is the best BBQUE restaurant (other than Clay’s smoker) in the Fayetteville area? Wrights, Penguin Eds, Sassy’s, other?
UA…Campus of Champions

Wrights is supposed to be the best around. Penguin Eds you may as well buy the frozen stuff at Walmart. not impressed with them at all.

Wright’s is best BBQ, hands down. They actually have a location in Bentonville just off the square if staying in that area.

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They aren’t open in Bentonville tomorrow, according to Jordan.

I’ve tried Penguin Ed’s 3 times, I won’t be going back.


I love Cafe Rue Orleans for Cajun food.

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